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Scenes from a Marriage

I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it was to finally find a media outlet that remains unbiased when it comes to the Laci Peterson case. This does not mean that my heart does not go out to her family as that hauntingly trusting smile never fails to remind me of the beautiful soul we lost. I do, however, believe that both sides deserve a fair portrayal, and I applaud PEOPLE for taking that stance throughout this terrible and heartbreaking ordeal.

Laurie Emerson, BILOXI, MISS.

After reading your article, I am left with two observations: the first, how sad that the Rocha family can’t lovingly gaze upon Conner in a family photo, and the second, that having an affair while your wife is pregnant does not make Scott Peterson a murderer, Mark Geragos, just a creep. Good luck, your attempt to portray Scott as a devoted husband and excited father-to-be failed miserably.

Robin Jordan, CAMRILLO, CALIF.

I’m sure the families of Laci and Scott are living a nightmare now. Was it really necessary to print a picture of his family obviously enjoying their new grandchild, knowing that Laci’s family can’t do the same?

Mel Laliberte, PORT ST.LUCIE, FLA.

Enough already. Yes, my heart breaks for Laci’s family and friends, but why the constant publicity concerning this murder? Was she the only person killed in the last few months?

Janice Branton, SUMMERVILLE, S.C.

Do Scott Peterson’s parents think that showing him as a cute little boy is going to deter the suspicion? You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Carmelina Montante


Medical Nightmares

I’m glad you printed those articles. I have been reading so much about how doctors are suffering by paying outrageous malpractice insurance premiums and nothing on the patients they are hurting.

Heidi Staltaro, STRARTFORD, CONN.

In your story “Medical Nightmares,” you listed me as a defendant in a malpractice judgment, then noted that “the defendants would not comment for this article.” I was not the initial anesthesiologist, but I responded to an urgent call for help after the patient had lost a significant amount of blood. I took over the case as he continued to bleed out faster than we could replace it. He arrested, and I resuscitated him, essentially saving his life. As we discovered more about the surgeon’s history, I was advised by counsel to settle, as he felt that this would be an ugly trial, and I could get caught up in a huge verdict. Therefore, I was not present at trial to defend myself to the jury as accusations were levied against me.

William Scott Huie, M.D.



Bullying event planners and caterers and alienating family and friends under the guise of creating a special day is inexcusable. Deliberately going against your partner’s wishes for a day that should be important to both people shows a lack of respect. Mates of both groomzillas and bridezillas should think hard about marrying someone who cares so little for their opinions and ideas.

Cathy Landolt, TORONTO, ONT.

Model Health

Thank you for featuring Beverly Johnson speaking candidly about her hysterectomy. The article immediately hit home. Last year, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with fibroids while at the same time planning for a family. The decision I made was to remove the fibroids for fear of a complicated pregnancy. Education is the key, as Ms. Johnson eloquently stated. Ask questions and do your homework.


Pretty Baby

Congratulations to Brooke Shields and her husband. I do, however, take exception to her remarks about it not taking a “village” to raise her daughter and “I don’t want to farm out my children to people.” What an insensitive comment to those who love our children. Those of us who work hard for our children’s well-being don’t consider ourselves farmers. We welcome and honor the village: daycare providers, preschool teachers and family.

Jodi McKenna-Sutton, FRUITA, COLO.