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Nicole Kidman
Hooray for Nicole, who has proven to everyone that she can succeed in the film business without Tom Cruise. She is a wonderful mother, actress and will one day make some man very happy.

Janet King, MELROSE, FLA.

I admire Nicole Kidman for always standing with her chin up during her very public divorce from Tom Cruise. She showed women that life has to go on. And there was no better way to move on than to look amazing on the red carpet and snag an Oscar for Best Actress.

Karen Geyser, COSTA MESA, CHLIF.

I was quite dismayed with your cover story. Nicole Kidman‘s hopeful love life tops the dramatic rescue of American POW Jessica Lynch? Somehow it just doesn’t seem right.

Darcy Yeager Miller, CEDARBURG, WIS.

Nicole Kidman is a Woman who is very lucky. Not only does she have an Oscar, she has friends and family who love her for who she is.

Nathan Wright, CLEVELAND, OHIO

Lives on the Line

The face of the man in the photo sitting in his suit and tie amid the devastation caused by our bombs reminded me of the faces I saw in Manhattan on 9/11. It doesn’t make me feel any better about 9/11. It doesn’t make me feel safer or avenged or give me any sense of resolution. It makes me feel ashamed. After what we all witnessed on 9/11, why on earth would we want to do that to anyone else? They are just like us.

Effie Watts, WESTPORT, CONN.

I thought this story would be about our troops—the ones fighting for freedom from terrorism and for the long-tortured Iraqi citizens. But no, it’s another antiwar display cloaked under the caption “moments of tenderness.” I want peace, but I know from history that you don’t just shut your eyes and wish for it.

Megan DiTeresa, HOUSTON, TEXAS

I want to thank you for reminding us of the reality of war. The picture of the Iraqi girl being cradled in the arms of a Navy Hospital Corpsman after her mother was killed in frontline crossfire is etched in my mind forever.

Eileen M, Wieland, RACINE, WIS.

Madonna doesn’t want anyone to misinterpret the meaning of her antiwar video? Yeah, right. Since when is she sensitive to American values? She’s worried about losing money, and it’s nothing more complicated than that. If she’s an artist then the dollar bill is her muse.

Mary Reynolds, GLENDALE, CALIF.

Tulsa Race Riot

The Tulsa race riot of 1921 was a horrible tragedy, but ignorance is to blame, not the modern-day citizens of Oklahoma whose tax money will be used to pay for reparations. That money would be much better spent on programs such as funding for public schools (because of the economy, Tulsa public schools are facing budget cuts). Making the citizens of Oklahoma pay monetary reparations is a superficial solution which will not solve anything and cannot heal the wounds these victims have. I was taught that only forgiveness can heal such pain. We shouldn’t forget this terrible tragedy, but we should learn and grow from our mistakes, not linger on issues of blame.

Lisa Vick, TULSA, OKLA.

Jonathan and lain Clark

I often feel compelled to write a letter after reading an article, and now your heartwarming story about the family of Laurel Clark—one of the astronauts who lost their lives aboard the space shuttle Columbia—has pushed me into action. After I wiped the tears from my face, I realized how an unbelievably tragic situation can turn into something beautiful—a new and lasting relationship for father and son. Brave is the word that comes to mind to describe Jonathan and Iain, and inspiration is what their story gave to me.



As I read about the fashion statement of the moment, “Jesus Is My Homeboy” T-shirts, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the politically correct crowd who proudly wear shirts that are offensive to Christians would be willing to give a “Dalai Lama Is My Homeboy” T-shirt to Richard Gere?

Peggy Hadrava, BEMIDJI, MINN.