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Oscar Magic!

This issue was a winner! Your comprehensive use of photographs, facts and recollections provided great reading. In fact, I enjoyed your coverage more than watching the telecast of the Academy Awards. Kudos to the staff who worked on this edition to make it a memorable one.

Mitchell Pettross, NASHVILLE, TENN.

I didn’t watch the Oscars because I didn’t want to see a group of self-centered prima donnas bad-mouth our great country and then drive home in their German-made cars, wearing French designer clothes and forgetting that it’s the American way of life that makes it possible for them to get paid millions.

Connie Mandel-Senft, LOSANGELES, CALIF.

Adrien Brody approached the stage as the less-than-attractive surprise winner and left as an eloquent, charismatic and sexy leading man. Move over, Brad, Tom and Denzel.

Brenda Wilson, DOVER, N.J.

Just to double-check, I counted the number of photos of each of the winners in the acting categories who appeared in your Oscar issue and got these results: Best Actor Adrien Brody—21 pictures; Best Actress Nicole Kidman—17 pictures; Best Supporting Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones—8 pictures; Best Supporting Actor Chris Cooper—0 pictures. Chris Cooper did win, didn’t he?

Nancy Weiler, NOVATO, CALIF.

I was thoroughly disgusted by Michael Moore’s acceptance speech and antiwar rant. Like many people, I watched the Oscars to celebrate the films and cinematic contributions made in 2002, not to witness a one-sided debate.

Michelle Olson, PLAINFIELD, ILL.

What really infuriates me is that no one ripped off the train of Farrah Fawcett’s dress when she was clearly disrespecting our beautiful flag. It’s never, ever supposed to touch the ground! And what’s worse, not one person had the courage to make her remove it. My father was a WWII hero, and my son is a Marine. Freedom is not free. If not for our veterans, whose flag might we be saluting today?

Sherri Schneider, NORCO, CALIF.

Thanks for a truly entertaining Oscar issue. I really appreciated being able to escape for a while from the war coverage.

Leslie Lewis, OSPREY, FLA.

U.S. Troops

Thank you for your heartfelt coverage of the soldiers in Iraq. I lived in the Middle East for two years without the freedoms I took for granted in the United States. Both my grandfathers and grandmother spent their careers in the Navy to sustain our freedoms. I absolutely support our troops and thank them for serving our country.

Kimberley Blanding, CHICAGO, ILL.

Rekindled Romance

Wow! Your article about people finding each other again in life struck a chord with me. My wife and I originally met 20 years ago at a local summer camp. Ten years went by, then we literally ran into each other at a movie theater. Fast-forward 10 years and three children later, and yes, we do believe in kismet!


Kristine Johnson

It is difficult for me to write this letter as I grieve over the murder of my daughter Kristine Johnson. But I want to clarify several points.

I was awarded full custody, not joint, of both my children. Since moving to California 2½ years ago, Kristi had not seen her father or had much contact with him. Kristi was not an aspiring actress. She attended the Make-Up Designory in Burbank and worked on independent films as a makeup artist for more than a year. Recently, Kristi worked full-time at a cellular-phone company and went to night school at Santa Monica College.

I last spoke with Kristi on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2003. We talked about many things, with no mention of a photographer meeting later that day.

When details surrounding Kristi’s abduction and murder have been released, I am certain PEOPLE magazine will report these events with the dignity and grace Kristi’s life epitomized. Kristi, a young woman on the threshold of pursuing her life goals, was a victim whose life was taken by the swift act of a violent predator.