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March 24, 2003 12:00 PM

Joe Millionaire

I read your “Joe Millionaire” article and watched every episode. I thought Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich would have made a good couple and were down-to-earth people. But seeing how Evan is now, I feel publicity has gone to his head.

Jean Butner, WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.

In a marriage, Zora, you and Evan could never make it last because your basic values are totally different. Go find yourself a more deserving Joe.

Rosemary Frankian, BURBANK, CALIF.

Yes, Zora, it is possible to fall in love in just a month. Just as it is possible to marry someone after six months and still be very much in love 12 years later. It is, however, unlikely that love is to be found on the unscripted soap operas that pass for reality TV.

Anne Young, BOSTON, MASS.

I thought even if Evan was a millionaire, he still had nothing to offer. I’m glad Zora decided not to be with him. Jersey girls are too good for losers.

Terry Palma, SOMERDALE, N.J.

People Power

I’m so glad to see George Clooney, Anjelica Huston and other celebrities take time out of their movie-making careers to make statements about their antiwar views. After all, this is what makes the U.S.A. so great. We can stand up and say things about our government that may not be popular. However, I think it is upsetting that only celebrities deserve attention for their opinions. What about the average American?

Katie Holland, RALEIGH, N.C.

I am a military wife at home alone with two children while her husband is deployed. It frustrates me to see actors protesting the U.S. going to war. Are they worried about their precious jobs? It is just disgusting the way they try to get the public’s eye and lure them into their way of thinking. I proudly stand behind my husband and pray for his safe return.

DeAnne Kelley, SAN DIEGO, CALIF.

Let’s leave the decision making to the people who really know what’s going on instead of appearing like a weak and disjointed nation in opposition with one another.

Stacy Horne, KING GEORGE VA.

As the proud wife of a Naval reservist who will certainly be called to serve if a war takes place, I must express my disgust at your article. What a slap in the face to the people who are right now preparing to defend the freedom of speech, which you are able to take advantage of! There are two sides to every story. Obviously your magazine forgot this, or you just decided to ignore it.

Janet Blakeley, LOGAN, UTAH

Leaving Home

Kudos for your article about the military getting ready for war. It shows America what these families are going through. Being an Army wife, I know this is hard for family members left behind and seeing their loved ones go off to protect our freedom.

Noel Waterman, MIDDLEBURG, FLA.

This article brought tears to my eyes. I’ll save this issue as a reminder of the real people affected. Please consider doing a follow-up story with these families.


The Bachelor

As a fellow Midwesterner, I rooted for Aaron Buerge to select Helene Eksterowicz. He made the right choice, then let us down by showing his true colors. Why wasn’t Aaron honest?


Helene is a beautiful, poised and intelligent lady. The line around the block will be over a mile long.

Redy Aleida Vargas, MIAMI, FLA.

So Helene gave back the engagement ring after she caught Aaron checking out another woman. For the record, ladies, men aren’t going to stop looking at attractive women. It’s not about disrespecting or deceiving you or loving you less. Aaron, move on to someone who is secure in her own skin.

Scott Davis, CONCORD, CALIF.

Colin Farrell
Thank you so much for the pictures and article about Colin Farrell. I was wondering if I may have his parents’ address? I would love to send them a thank-you card.


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