People Staff
March 17, 2003 12:00 PM

I wanted to read about some passion, some brains behind the surprises. But instead, it was sad to see what celebrities spend to prove their love in Hollywood.

Jennifer Sbaiti, RALEIGH, N.C.

Love, Sex & Dating 2003

Your cover story made it seem like fun and games for stars to leave their wives and children for younger playmates. Maybe you should have asked the victims how they feel about it.

Jeff White, TORONTO, ONT.

I can’t believe people are still saying that oral sex is not sex. If you don’t want to do it in front of your children, it’s sex!

Judy McDonald, LOGANVILLE, GA.

Michael Jackson

I read your article, and I feel Michael Jackson stopped growing socially at a young age because he was forced into the grown-up world of showbiz. He now wants to play and have sleepovers with other boys because he missed out on these things when he was a child. Michael wants to love and be loved in return. What’s so wrong with that?

Holly M. Dudash, TUCSON, ARIZ.

Michael Jackson is a guy who relates better to children than the evil adults in this world who attempt to gain his trust and then stab him in the back. Life’s short. Leave the man alone.

Jeannette Wagner, TOLEDO, OHIO

Every time I see a story about Michael Jackson, I continue to be disappointed. Although I was once a fan, his star burned out for me when he was investigated on suspicion of child molestation. Michael may have never been convicted of a crime, but a multimillion-dollar out-of-court settlement speaks volumes to me.

Paula Kim Readman, KIMBERLEY, B.C.

I can’t take a chance on purchasing another PEOPLE until I can be sure that this monster is not shown in it. Michael Jackson is a fraud, and frankly, I just do not care to listen to his lies.

Helene Harris, PITTSBURGH, PA.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
I can sympathize with how Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas must feel. I’m about to be married, and if someone snuck in and took unflattering pictures, I would be extremely upset. It’s supposed to be a magical occasion. The paparazzi should have more respect.

Andrew Paris Rappaport, ORLANDO, FLA.

I have always enjoyed Catherine in her movies and felt that she and Michael were a lovely couple. However, after reading her comment, “One million pounds is a lot of money maybe to people in this room, but not to us,” I realized the kindest comment one could make about Catherine is that she’s out of touch with the public. Is she oblivious to the real world and insensitive to those who see her movies? I will not rush out to see her next film.

Margo Brettauer, HARRISON, N.Y.

I could not believe what I was reading, that the unflattering pictures from their wedding day had left the couple “devastated.” These vain people have no idea what true devastation is, and believe me, pictures taken at a bad angle is not it.

Mary Ann Marion, JESSUP, PA.

Bracing for Battle

Your coverage of our soldiers in the Kuwait desert is what PEOPLE is all about. The photography and captions captured the courage of these heroes. Contrast this with the articles about the Hollywood elite, and we have a clear understanding who the real celebrities are.

Roger Gullo, FRANKLIN, MASS.

I devoured every detail of the photos in your article knowing these scenes are similar to ones my stepdaughter sees every day. I was disappointed that your story had not one photo or quote from these brave young women.

Erika Weaver-Taylor, SAN JOSE, CALIF

Norah Jones

I loved your article. Since I was a piano player in a high school jazz band myself, her discovery immediately got my attention. Norah portrays jazz as it should be—sophisticated, sultry and simple.

Kelli Christian, TYLER, TEXAS

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