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August 19, 2002 12:00 PM

Sharon Osbourne

Thank you, PEOPLE, for the insightful article about Sharon (and Ozzy) Osbourne. It was refreshing to finally read about a famous couple who take their vows seriously and don’t give up after a few years of marriage. While their parenting style may not be conventional, it’s obvious that they are committed to each other and their family. If anyone can pull through this cancer scare, it’ll be Sharon.

Kimberly Lewis, Boise, Idaho

Sharon Osbourne is an inspiration because her children wake up each morning knowing their mom and dad adore each other.

Cathy Borden, Louisville, Ky.

What a courageous woman Sharon is. I commend her for going public about her colon cancer. I am 30 years old and I am deathly afraid of doctors; I haven’t gone since 1998, but after reading the article I intend to go. Sharon will be in my prayers as she heads into chemotherapy.

Judy Colletti, East Weymouth, Mass.

It’s comforting to read that Sharon Osbourne has reacted so positively to her diagnosis. It helps others fighting cancer to see there is hope.

Joseph Hickling, Alexandria, Va.

Although I sympathize with Sharon, I really do not understand what all the fuss is about. As a cancer survivor, I need to know why PEOPLE feels it has to drum up all the bad things that patients go through to get well. Thousands of ordinary people go through this nightmare daily. When Sharon is well again, I hope she will use her popularity to help cancer patients everywhere.

Toni Raw, West Haven, Conn.

Say what you want about Sharon Osbourne’s TV show and lifestyle; this is a woman who has her priorities straight. Here’s hoping she has a quick and complete recovery.

Kimberly Collier, Manchester, Conn.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter does not deserve to call herself a conservative if her dream is no more liberals on TV. Silencing one’s opposition is not a traditional American value. Public dissent and debate are the very heart of American freedom for liberals and conservatives alike.

Naomi B. Herzfeld, Riverside, R.I.

As a strong, independent, intelligent and conservative female, I have been disheartened by the lack of female role models who share my views. I have three words for Ann Coulter: You go, girl.

Wendy Ross, Newton, Mass.

Ms. Coulter describes liberals as “vicious” and “misleading,” then accuses them of name-calling? She condemns the portrayals of conservatives as “nuts, racist, sexist, and homophobic” yet wants the U.S. to invade Muslim countries to “kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” Even as a child, I decided that the difference between liberals and conservatives was that the liberals wanted to help others, while the conservatives wanted to help themselves.

Stacey Spivey, Tomball, Texas


I stand in awe of the loved ones the heroes on Flight 93 left behind. These families have endured unspeakable horror with unflinching dignity and genteel grace. I can only pray that I could find the strength within myself to respond even half as well if I were forced to walk in their shoes.

Michelle Offutt, St. Petersburg, Fla.

The goodbyes from the people on Flight 93 made me weep. Before reading the article, I asked myself why do they keep printing these sad things; I just want to forget about it. But the people on the airplane so impressed me with their calm and the love they had for their families that I never want to forget their heroism.

Shannon Dixon, Albany, N.Y.

Raquel Martinez

As the director of a humane society, I was infuriated by your article on Raquel Martinez, America’s first professional female matador. Martinez says that bullfighting is not a sport, it’s an art. Sorry, but it’s neither—it’s simply animal torture dressed up as a cultural event.

Cherie Travis, Downers Grove, Ill.

Jill June

Bravo to Jill June for risking jail time in order to protect the privacy of women who sought confidential medical services at Planned Parenthood. Ms. June’s ethical, principled stance should be a model for other health care providers across the country.

Janet Mortenson, Houston, Texas

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