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Hollywood’s Shape-Up Secrets

Thanks so much for the article about Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s fight with borderline anorexia and compulsive exercise. I have fought anorexia for seven years and know how hard it is to overcome. I can relate to everything she talked about. Now I realize what a waste of time it was to obsess about food.

Lindsay Simmon, Fowler, Mich.

Mariska Hargitay, you are lovely! You’ve just made a new fan. Keep up the healthy lifestyle.

Matt Engel, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

“Wow! These Hollywood stars really work hard to stay in shape. I’m truly inspired. Instead of working to keep a roof over my family’s head, I’m going to quit my job, hire a trainer and exercise all day. When I’m done, I’ll have my personal chef whip up a bowl of saffron risotto and fresh crab spring rolls. The wife and kids may end up on the street, but they’ll have one buff dad.”

Tom Griffo, Hillsborough, N.J.

Contrary to information printed in your magazine, I am proof that a human being can be nurtured and grow on a vegan diet. I am 54 and have been a vegan for over 10 years and was a vegetarian for many years before that. I commute 16 miles round trip on a bicycle every work day. I know that I am healthier than all of the people that I know in my age group who are flesh eaters.

Brian Bothomley, Seattle, Wash.

I was shocked to see who had the best abs. Have you ever heard of a lady by the name of Janet Jackson? Geri Halliwell has nothing on her.

Colleen Kienle, Richmond, Va.

I don’t understand how you could pick Tom Cruise and Benjamin Bratt for best arms and best chest, over the choice for both—Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even at 50 plus, he has the best body in Hollywood.

Patricia Hopkins, Long Beach, Calif.

If I had eight hours a day to work out, my own in-home gym and pool and a famous personal trainer, I’d look fantastic too!

Malia Huffman, Roanoke, Va.

Denise Callarman

As the mother of five children, two of whom are autistic, may I say bravo to Denise Callarman’s Our Children’s Coach House. My kids are not medically fragile, but one of my sons cannot speak and both require constant supervision. We parents do get tired. People like Denise have realized this and have come to the rescue. It is the most marvelous solution to a very difficult situation. Susan Vanderburg-Fentie Bright’s Grove, Ont.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is a perfect example of many successful men today when he says, “If I were to marry someone, they would be second. But it sure would be good to have somebody to sit on this porch with every now and then.” Marriage is not every now and then. Chesney may look nice in that swimming-pool shot, but he lacks so much otherwise.

Beth A. Campbell, Morgantown, W.Va.

Michael Skakel

Do you realize that if Michael Skakel was talked about simply as Michael Skakel his trial would be just like any other? I can’t understand why he has to be known as a Kennedy cousin. Skakel has no Kennedy blood in him. He’s a Kennedy by marriage only. It saddens me how people love to use the Kennedy name whenever possible. Hasn’t this family been through enough?

Terry North, Hyannis, Mass.

Star Tracks

I’m confused. A “beached seal”? Seals spend a lot of time out of the water and are perfectly capable of ambulating by themselves on land. If the seal wanted to be in the water, it would be able to get there on its own. Unless, of course, it was sick or injured in some way, in which case Dustin Hoffman was doing it no favor by dragging it into the ocean.

Laurie Prencipe, Brookline, Mass.


The item about Julia Roberts‘s involvement with Rett syndrome was excellent. Julia is not only a great actress but she’s also a compassionate and caring woman. She would no doubt make a great mom one day.

Cathy Sienkiewicz, Rutherford, N.J.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Well, of course people tore apart that wedding cake so fast there were almost injuries. It contained only 120 luscious glazed doughnuts for 175 guests. Good grief! It’s hard enough to be limited to just one whole Krispy Kreme.

Gloria Hoffman, Kansas City, Mo.