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Putting Family First

Kudos to women like Jodie Foster, Demi Moore and Celine Dion, who are putting family first. What these women realize is, career or no career, your child is only young once. What child is not worth staying home for? As for the women who choose not to stay home, I think I know why. They don’t call it the hardest job on earth for nothing.

Joy Vandermeer-Zaczyk, Cornwall, Ont.

I loved the article on Hollywood’s maternal girls. Tabitha Soren’s statement that “America is much more about money, ambition and status” is so true and yet so sad. There is more respect for those who spend 12 hours at the office than for those moms or dads who sacrifice status to raise decent children. Celine, Jodie and Demi, it’s so cool to care for your kids.

Maggie Welter, Los Angeles, Calif.

Maybe actresses are putting family first because there aren’t many roles in Hollywood for women over 35. Women usually make the sacrifices for family. Let’s see some extraordinary men in Hollywood who put their families first. Elizabeth Middleton, Lisle, III.

While it is good to see actors taking care of their families, I don’t understand what the big deal is. I work full-time and put family first in my life. What I don’t have is a nanny or housekeeper, who make life easier. How about a story on everyday mothers, both in and out of the home, who make family life a priority?

Dianne Miller, Syracuse, N.Y.

I was disappointed when I read your article about these Hollywood women who have given up their careers to raise their families. I have a hard time believing what a sacrifice these women have made when they still and always will have their status. Not all women have the luxury of taking off a couple of years to go right back into the same career without a hitch.

Jenny Maynard, Powell, Ohio

What a great article! It’s one which I could relate to. I truly love staying at home and being a mom. I commend the actresses who have done the same. Life is all about children and family.

Jan Faccone, Crystal Lake, Ill.

Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Hooray for Liza Minnelli! Sure her wedding was a tad tacky and over the top. But so what? I wish her and David Gest all the best life has to offer them. She’s found her Emerald City at last, and look what the Wizard had for her.

Linda Rogers, Portage, Ind.

When I turned the page to Liza’s wedding, the photo of her with David Gest, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor scared the heck out of me. I couldn’t figure out who was wearing more makeup—the men or the women.

Mary G. Kiely, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Catholic Church

I’m glad adults are breaking the silence about sexual abuse they endured as children by priests. I was 8 years old when a priest molested me for two years. My brother was also molested by a different priest. We never spoke to each other about the abuse until a few weeks before my brother’s death seven years ago. Our family was heavily involved in the Catholic Church. Although the majority of these cases of pedophilia seem to have targeted boys, I want to speak up for the girls who are also victims of this shameful sexual abuse.

Karen Robinson, Louisville, Ky.

Kiefer Sutherland

I just wanted to says thanks for your article on Kiefer Sutherland. He’s always been one of my favorite actors, and it’s good to see that he’s still successful and running steady despite the ups and downs of his past. It’s also nice to see that he has retained the same gentlemanly charm. Congratulations on the success of 24, Kiefer, and keep up the good work.

Sharon Clay, Lee’s Summit, Mo.

James and Marcy Gandolfini

I can’t believe James Gandolfini had the nerve to call his wife fat. Look at yourself, James. Are you in shape? You should leave Tony Soprano at work and try being a decent human being to your wife and not call her degrading names.

Janet Kokonian, Northridge, Calif.

Jeff and Brooke Gordon

Let me get this straight: Brooke Gordon not only wants the $9 million home in Florida, the Porsche and the Mercedes, use of their Falcon 200 airplane and alimony, but she also wants Jeff to continue paying the salaries of their housekeepers and chef? The pampered princess of NASCAR needs to realize that she is once again going to have to join the working world and get a job.

Andrea L Salisbury, via e-mail