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August 20, 2001 12:00 PM

Tom Cruise
It’s nice to see Mr. Cruise moving on. However, it would also be nice if people stopped crying, “Poor Nicole.” Only those involved in a marriage know what goes on behind closed doors, and my guess is that Ms. Kidman knows exactly why her marriage failed. Accept it, get over it, and move on. Kudos to Tom for keeping his marriage breakdown private and not public!

Pamela Ormerod, London, Ont.

So, Tom wants to do the right thing—for who, himself?

Maureen Shaw, Ladysmith, B.C.

Maybe someday Tom Cruise will grow up to be a responsible parent. Until that day, Nicole Kidman is better off without him. He claims to care about his children while flaunting his affair with Penélope Cruz. Couldn’t he wait for the divorce? It was only another few weeks!

Heather Murphy, Fremont, Calif.

The nature of divorce is to move on with your life after the breakup of your relationship, which is exactly what Tom Cruise is doing. More power to him! Nicole needs to quit playing the victim, acknowledge the breakup to herself, and move on.

Rhonda Fuselier, Joshua, Texas

Tom Cruise is disciplined? Is that what you call cavorting publicly with his girlfriend before the divorce is final?

Michelle Dwyer, Central Square, N.Y.

I always thought that Tom Cruise had beady eyes, and now I know why—he’s a rat!

Holly Brewington, Glendale, Ariz.

Tom Cruise leaves Nicole. Tom Cruise‘s birthday party. Tom Cruise flies away. Enough already!

Karen Mathis, El Paso

Tom, go home, make up with your wife, go to couples counseling if you need to, and be a father to your children.

Richard Sams, Atlanta

Ben Affleck and Joe Kindregan

As the mother of a 17-year-old honor student who has A-T (ataxia-telangiectasia), I was thrilled to see your story about Ben Affleck and Joe Kindregan. My son was also misdiagnosed for years, and his true diagnosis was devastating for the entire family. He is remarkably healthy now and will celebrate his 18th birthday in September. He just graduated from high school and is getting ready to attend college. We, like Ben Affleck, are waiting for a happy ending!

Kimberley Reid, Memphis

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joe and his wonderful, supportive family. It was heartwarming to realize that Ben Affleck and Joe have been able to form a true friendship. A-T is a heartbreaking disease, and Ben Affleck‘s attempts to help increase awareness and research funding are beyond the usual Hollywood efforts. You captured the warmth of their relationship in your picture, and it brought tears to my eyes!

Kathy Pond Ferguson, Beltsville, Md.

Way to go, Ben! I too have a young friend who was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy, but after nine years discovered it was something far more serious. It’s great that Ben has taken the time to make Joe feel special. What most people need to remember is that there is no such thing as a regular kid. All of us have limits, and that’s what makes us who we are. This just makes me love Ben that much more!

Bryn Lydzinski, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Lizzie Grubman

For most people in the U.S., class has nothing to do with money and everything to do with behavior. No one is above common courtesy or the law. Lizzie Grub-man is about to learn that lesson. She is the real trash in this story.

Caitlin McCarthy, Boston

Katharine Graham

The Washington Post served as a lighthouse during the dark, somber days of Watergate. Her courage and conviction will indeed be missed.

Kenneth Zimmerman

Huntington Beach, Calif.


I can only imagine the loss the Bessettes feel, but at the same time I cannot see how any amount of money will bring them peace.

Melissa Young, via e-mail

John Irving

I was appalled at the picture on page 97 of the July 30 issue. It shows John Irving’s family in a lovely overloaded wooden canoe with no apparent life jackets. If he feels that the world is an accident waiting to happen, I would recommend PFDs (personal floatation devices) for everyone.

Beth Lounsbury, Galeton, Pa.

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