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America’s Top 50 Bachelors

Ben Affleck was in Pearl Harbor? Could have fooled me. I was mesmerized by Josh Hartnett and his soulful brown eyes. He is definitely America’s hottest bachelor!

Eunice Nam, Burnaby, B.C.

You can tell Joe McIntyre that his 25-year-old Irish-Catholic college-educated future wife is waiting for him right here in Jacksonville.

Kerry Heath, Jacksonville, Fla.

Yum! When I saw the picture of Gary Zerola, I fell out of my chair.

Jennifer Gill, Redwood, Calif.

You overlooked my choice, Colby Donaldson from Survivor II. I and millions of other women didn’t watch every week to see the kangaroos.

Laura Betts, Greensboro, N.C.

For the second year, you have failed to recognize New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza. Mike is handsome, sexy, intelligent and wealthy, and from what I’ve read, he treats his mother very well.

Felicia Froimovitz, New York City

The guys were great, but how about Sexy, Single, Sizzling Seniors? The time has come to give Granny some optical exercise.

Patricia Accetta, Pittsburgh

One hundred percent of the people in my household thought your Readers’ Poll was six pages of juvenile hooey. Did you send me TEEN PEOPLE by mistake? I think I feel a zit coming on.

Pam Anderson, Redmond, Wash.

I think PEOPLE should have a “50 Reasons Why PEOPLE Shouldn’t Have a 50 Most Anything Anymore” issue. These magazines are starting to be real snoozers and take up a lot of space that could be used for more interesting stories.

Carla Francica, via e-mail

For all the single women who have no chance in hell of meeting sexy, sizzling bachelors, your issue is like sending a kid to a candy store with no money!

Addie Hester, Louisville, Ky.

Boy Scouts of America

In your article about the Boy Scouts’ ban on gays, Chris Hayes says he went public with his homosexuality because “the Scouts taught me to stand up for what I thought was right.” Wouldn’t it be nice if the Boy Scouts were allowed that privilege too? My father, brother and boyfriend are all active Scouts. None of them is homophobic, nor am I. We just feel that homosexuality is not right, nor appropriate in an environment such as a Boy Scout troop. The BSA is a private organization, with most troops sponsored by churches, and they should have the right to accept or deny membership to anyone, especially since the Scout Oath includes keeping oneself “morally straight.”

Chelsea Bullard, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Do Mormons, Methodists and Catholics have the same Bible I do? Because mine has 10 rules, and “Thou shalt not be gay” isn’t one of them. However, I do seem to remember “Judge not lest thee be judged.” Discriminating against and persecuting people because of something they do in the privacy of their own home isn’t just morally wrong, it’s un-Christian.

Amy R. Diehl, Gardner, Kans.

The Boy Scouts need to come up with a better excuse for their bigotry toward gays than to point to the Scout’s Oath of 1910 and its stipulation that a Scout be “morally straight.” Fellas, pick up a dictionary! Any good etymologist will tell you that the word “straight” was not commonly used to mean “heterosexual” until the latter part of the 20th century. In 1910 “straight” meant honest, honorable and upright. That sounds like an apt description of Eagle Scout Chris Hayes, who was dumped by the Scouts because he had the integrity to be honest about who he is.

Tim Olsen, Los Angeles

Tommy Lee

Having experienced the near-drowning of my niece in my backyard swimming pool, I know all too well the split second it takes for a nice day to turn into a disaster. We now treat the pool like a chained lion in the yard. It is inconceivable to me that Mr. Veres would point the finger at Tommy Lee. Why were Mr. Veres or his wife not at the party supervising their little boy? Did they really expect the busy host of a children’s party to be responsible for their precious child’s life?

Christy Swarens, Riverside, Calif.

Dr. Susan Weitzman

I commend Dr. Weitzman for her care for domestic violence victims. However, unemployment, alcohol and drugs do not “cause” domestic violence. The batterer always chooses to abuse and can choose not to. Asking “Why doesn’t she just leave?” blames the victim. Women from communities of privilege don’t stay because they enjoy a “glamorous life.” Victims often stay because they fear for their lives or the lives of their children.

Ben Atherton Zeman, Framingham, Mass.