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September 17, 2001 12:00 PM

Everything but Love

It’s a shame you define these strong and independent women as having “Everything but Love.” Perhaps they have the love that most of us are missing—a true love of self. I think it’s great when a woman doesn’t need a man to make her life complete!

Julie Suhor, Orlando

What’s the message here? A woman is incomplete without a man? I beg to differ. The right man can add to a woman’s life, but not complete her. I’m sure that Nicole, Julia and Meg are doing just fine.

Donna Ayer, Collierville, Tenn.

Why are three beautiful, talented single women who have recently experienced relationship troubles looked on with pity while their male counterparts are lauded by PEOPLE in a special Bachelors issue? These women clearly have their acts together and are certainly not in danger of spending the rest of their lives alone (unless they choose to). Don’t feel sorry for them because they are single; there are things far worse.

Susan Reid, via e-mail

They’re rich and gorgeous? Who needs love?

Debbie Nienaber, Cincinnati

Everything but love? C’mon, PEOPLE, they all seem to have pretty healthy relationships with their children, families and friends. Why is it that you keep perpetuating this myth that women can’t be happy without a romance?

Susan Taylor, via e-mail

Why single out the single women? Ben Affleck isn’t married; neither is George Clooney or any number of other males in the spotlight. Get with the times. More power to all of you single women!

Lauren McQuillan, via e-mail

From the pictures on the cover to the pictures in the article, it seems like Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman are happy being single. They all look radiant. There is nothing wrong with being single, and these three are just proving it.

Kerri Angel, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Enough already! How many times can you put Nicole, Meg or Julia on your cover? Frankly, I’m getting bored. There are other celebrity life-forms out there that you might want to consider exploring.

Jennifer Cohen, Brooklyn

Just like men, women can be perfectly happy and lead fulfilling lives when not involved in a serious relationship.

Tiffany Laux, Chicago

Rebecca Gayheart

As a mother of two young children, my heart broke for the loss of the Cruz family. But after reading the details of their son’s death, I couldn’t help but conclude that there was an unfortunate set of circumstances, and that Ms. Gayheart may be only partly to blame. It’s unfortunate that Jorge Jr. decided to cross a busy street when standing alone at the corner, but I strongly feel that someone should have been with him until his mother got there. If the lawyers for the family are so anxious to litigate, why not sue the school for releasing him and giving him the chance to cross the street in the first place?

Kelly Mask, Houston

I feel for the family of Jorge Cruz Jr., but parents need to start taking responsibility for their own children. A 9-year-old has no business crossing any street by himself. This was a horrible accident, but an accident it was, and no amount of money is going to bring that little boy back, bring comfort to the family or take away the pain that Miss Gayheart is feeling now.

Debora Reed, Houston

Thomas and Janice Reedy

If the Reedys’ lawyer, Steve Rozan, considers their punishment cruel and unusual, how does he dare describe the crimes they are convicted of committing? I think they should have gotten a life sentence for each of the children’s lives they helped destroy. It is true that they will likely endure hell in prison, but it is a hell they created for themselves.

Heather Pastorini, Discovery Bay, Calif.

Hurray and thank you to the postal inspectors, prosecutors, detectives, judges and everyone else who helped stop the Reedys and their web of terror against our children. Please know that there are millions of Americans who support and applaud your efforts. Nothing is more precious than protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

Chuck Desmond, Paso Robles, Calif.

Tara Reid

That girl really needs to eat something. Soon.

Jennifer Armintrout, Delton, Mich.

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