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February 19, 2001 12:00 PM

Laura Bush

Why does my blood run cold when I read your account of Laura Bush? As controversial a character as Hillary was, at least on a national level we broke through the model of the wife who lives to support her husband, as well as the model of the husband who prefers his wife in his shadow. George W. says, “I have the best wife for the line of work that I’m in. She doesn’t try to steal the limelight.” This is scary! We’re going backward to a 1950s-style male-dominated, hierarchical marriage at the helm of this powerful nation.

Tayria Ward, La Crescenta, Calif.

I am a staunch Democrat, but I have to say it anyway—I like Laura Bush. From the beginning of the presidential race, I found myself enthralled with our new First Lady, but it wasn’t until I read your cover story that I realized why: She’s a decent and regular person who loves her husband and daughters. She doesn’t seem out of reach from us commoners, yet she’s just regal enough to hold the grand position of First Lady. It just goes to show that decency can and does cross party lines.

A. Smith, Cincinnati

Your article on Laura Bush confirmed what I have always suspected: She has absolutely no personality whatsoever! I say, bring back Hillary! Love her or hate her, at least she was interesting!

Leslie B. Stahl, Cincinnati

After eight years of Hillary, Laura Bush is a breath of fresh air.

Teresa Stinson, Louisville, Ohio

I was reading your rather benign article about the new First Lady and suddenly, wham, there was a very short, casual discussion of the friend who was killed when she drove through a stop sign as a teenager. You quote her as saying “That was hard. But I mean it’s sad that it happened and that it was reported.” Did you mean to suggest that she was saying she should have gotten away with it without anyone ever knowing?

Marcy Tanter, Stephenville, Texas

Mrs. Bush was expressing her regret that the matter was raised again 37 years after the fact, not that it was reported at the time.—ED.

Laura Bush loves Tex-Mex, Van Morrison and drugstore makeup—finally, a First Lady I can relate to!

Jackie Barton, Okinawa, Japan

Mayor Alfred Muller

Mayor Alfred Muller has abused his position to cram his beliefs down the throats of all the people of Friendship Heights, Md. Even if the majority of the town understands his reasoning behind the ordinance banning smoking on public property, smokers pay just as much tax as nonsmokers and they have the right to occupy and use public spaces just like any other American.

J. Noya, Yakima, Wash.

Calista Flockhart

While I’m sure Calista Flockhart will be a wonderful mother to her new son, it saddens me to think of all the couples who are desperately trying and waiting to adopt. Why and how do single women in Hollywood keep getting these children who could be placed in the loving home of a married couple? I know very well that life isn’t fair, but to those who can’t create a life on their own, that just plain sucks!

Jennifer Duncan, Lexington, Ky.

Getting better seats in restaurants or free designer clothes is fine, but doesn’t it seem a bit immoral to use your wealth and celebrity status when dealing with such a precious privilege as adopting a child?

Carrie Conroy, Syracuse

Basinger & Baldwin

Instead of Kim Basinger focusing on whether living in the Northeast would have ill effects on her daughter’s “chronic respiratory problems,” maybe she should focus on her eight dogs.

Debbie Canova, New York City

Poor Alec Baldwin. You haven’t made a watchable movie since The Hunt for Red October, now your wife is divorcing you, and George W. Bush has been sworn in as President. Aren’t you ready for a move out of the country? Need any help packing those boxes?

P.A. Kelly, Dayton


As a close friend of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s for 15 years (I play her best friend, Stanford, on Sex and the City), I was horrified to read the letter blasting her for her opinions on possible tax cuts. Sarah Jessica has been “redistributing her wealth” to her large family since she started working as a child actor over 20 years ago. She has paid for living expenses, emergencies and even put some through school—never grudgingly and never publicly. I am aware that to some fans we may seem overpaid and shallow, but in the case of Sarah Jessica, these readers are fighting the wrong battle. She’ll probably kill me for writing this, but I couldn’t call myself a friend if I didn’t say something.

Willie Garson, Los Angeles

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