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June 18, 2001 12:00 PM

Rudy and Donna and Judi

Regardless of how poorly Mayor Giuliani and his wife get along or what kind of wife she is, the fact remains that the two of them are still married. The mayor should be ashamed of having such total disregard for his wife, children and marriage vows. His Honor’s behavior is anything but honorable.

Lisa Marshall, Aurora, Ill.

This story about the yearlong divorce fight of Mayor Giuliani shows us what New York City is really like—tacky! What woman would want her faithless husband’s mistress in her home and exposed to their children? How can we instill basic moral values in our children when our public role models have none themselves?

Maggie Stinson, Phoenix

I’m a native New Yorker who has seen a lot of stuff go on in our wild and crazy city, but this situation with the mayor and his wife takes the cake. As a divorced person myself, I understand how a marriage can go sour, but geez, Rudy, have you never heard of discretion?

Doreen A. Gantt, New York City

This unhappily married couple should keep their problems between themselves for the sake of their children. I can’t imagine how hard their lives already were before Rudy announced he is unable to bed his mistress properly because of impotence. This man isn’t fit to be a father, a husband or a mayor.

Kimberly Gronland, Fargo, N.Dak.

The mayor installing his special friend at Gracie Mansion is no less offensive than President Clinton’s sex caper in the Oval Office, which Giuliani was so quick to criticize.

Nancy Hyden Woodward

East Hampton, N.Y.

PEOPLE has sunk to an all-time low. It seems to me you are hell-bent on picking on Mayor Giuliani. I don’t remember headlines like this when President Clinton perjured himself under oath, lied repeatedly to the American people and used the Oval Office for sex. Mayor Giuliani isn’t hiding his relationship. You should focus on all the good things he has done for New York City.

Mary Ann Burke, Carmel, Ind.

I realize that the misadventures of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, his estranged wife and his girlfriend make for great headline fodder in New York, but do you actually believe that those of us outside Gotham care a whit about all the fuss? For a magazine that strives for national appeal, it’s a bit arrogant on your part to assume that all of America is dying to read an entire cover story about your rube mayor, his wife and his mistress.

Phillip Tucker, Nashville

Although Rudy Giuliani has proven to be an effective mayor, his behavior regarding his divorce from Donna Hanover is appalling.

Kristi Corcione, Katonah, N.Y.

Kathleen McCartney

“What’s a working parent to do?” How about staying home with your children! McCartney mentioned that child care should be a public responsibility. How about a parental one?

Lynne Herdina Kunitz, Middleton, Wis.

While I understand the absolute need for some women to work while their children are small, it is my belief that children should be raised by their parents, not daycare providers. In response to Kathleen McCartney’s suggestion that mothers need not spend more time at home with their children, I ask: If you drop your child off at 7:30 a.m. and pick him up at 5:30 p.m., you have at most 2½ hours together; how can you justify this? You cannot cram a week’s worth of time and attention into Saturday and Sunday. If you are unwilling to devote more time to raising your children than you do to your work, perhaps you ought not to have them at all.

Darcy R. Burchell, San Diego

It is appalling how supposed scientist and child psychologist Kathleen McCartney can dismiss this 10-year in-depth study because the results do not support her agenda. How sad she must feel to discover what the rest of us already know—children need their parents.

Adrienne Gelfius, Plainfield, Ind.

Perry Como

How refreshing to have an article about a truly nice guy who just happened to be a celebrity. Men like Perry Como are few and far between in this world today. What an inspiration and role model. We will miss him.

Chris Meyer, Denver

When Perry Como passed away, the one thought that brought comfort was that my PEOPLE would arrive and I would find his face on the cover and an extensive tribute inside. I was so disappointed to find Mayor Giuliani on the cover instead and a mere three pages devoted to such a beloved entertainer. I had planned on filing this issue with my collection of past tributes. It will be filed away, all right—in the garbage can! What a letdown!

Lorraine Nulton, Johnstown, Pa.

Pearl Harbor

Thank you for doing a story on real heroes for a change. They are the men and women who fight to defend our country and those who have lost their lives doing so—not sports or film stars. We owe our freedom to them and should be grateful always.

Lisa Poel, Grand Haven, Mich.

I am the wife of a Navy man stationed in Hawaii. I want to thank you for the stories of those present at Pearl Harbor. I live less than a mile from where the movie premiered recently, and I believe this is a piece of history that is being lost on young people today. They will, hopefully, never have to live through the horrors these amazing people lived through and the day-to-day struggles faced during World War II. But it is my hope that today’s youth will take a moment to learn about what happened 60 years ago and appreciate what many have sacrificed for freedom. It is something I am teaching my children.

Jennifer Rose, Honolulu

Joyce Gilchrist

Just imagine being in prison for 15 years when you are not guilty of a crime. Forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist, whose testimony was responsible, doesn’t understand the seriousness of her position. She maintains that she makes mistakes. When physicians make mistakes, they are sued for malpractice and lose their licenses. Ms. Gilchrist should be sued by Mr. Pierce and dismissed without pay from her position.

Mary Kalas, Saline, Mich.

In the caption below her picture, Joyce Gilchrist states, “My stomach stays upset.” Well, I certainly hope so! My stomach churned too as I read about this person and the damage she’d done to innocent citizens of Oklahoma. An “expert” who makes such devastating mistakes should be held responsible for them. When those 3,000 case reviews are done, will a judge tally up the years she’s stolen from others and sentence her to jail for the same number? I doubt it! Where’s the justice in that?

Kurt Haithcox, Raleigh, N.C.

Country Music Awards

I was so excited to get your magazine and see that you had a section on the Country Music Awards. But when I looked, it was in the back and only four pages. There were so many other stars than the ones you named and showed. Please show and write more—or just don’t cover it.

Natasha McClure, Mechanicsville, Va.

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