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George Clooney
I drove up to my mailbox to retrieve my mail and was thrilled with the amazing photo of George Clooney on the cover. I didn’t even make it out of the car without reading the article first. It’s great to see that he is just as he appears on screen—unassuming, a terrific friend and family member and unquestionably sexy. He’s a “guy’s guy” without being obnoxious, and he’s attractive to women without being a womanizer. “Boy George”? Maybe. But I look at him and see Gorgeous George!

Sandy Mershon, Grover Beach, Calif.

So Walter Bernstein says that “George hasn’t quite grown up yet…” I beg to differ. I would take a jokester who enjoys his life over a corporate stuffed shirt anytime. Most people lose their inner child way too soon, and that’s sad because it enhances a person’s life, it doesn’t define it. Keep it up, George, from a 44-year old who is planning her annual girls-only weekend that will be loads of fun.

Bonnie L. McKinnon, Kihei, Hawaii

George Clooney at 40 is no more interesting than George Clooney at 39. Can we have a collective “Who cares?”

Pam Davila, Austin, Texas

Is it just me, or does this man get better looking with age? I find him irresistible. He is by far the best-looking man in Hollywood!

Dorothe Pfautz, Little Rock


As human beings we all suffer “emotional tailspins” in life. As an addict, Robert Downey Jr. must learn to deal with life’s ups and downs without using drugs. No excuses. He is aware of his disease and therefore has a choice. His Hollywood friends need to realize that to continue coddling him with TV and movie deals is not helping him. Until he accepts responsibility for his own sobriety and proves himself trustworthy, he should be left to fend for himself.

Kathy Cockrell, Castroville, Texas

With a starring role on a hit show, a Golden Globe Award, parties, pity and a place on a pedestal, why should Robert Downey Jr. get clean and sober? I love Mr. Downey too, but people in Hollywood should understand that they’re about to love him right into the grave.

Colleen Stelmaszek, Cypress, Texas

Toni Braxton

Did Toni Braxton think about her bankruptcy while she sat in her $15,000 Vera Wang gown and ate a feast of lobster, sea bass and lamb? A lesson not learned, I say. Hey Toni, what is wrong with an off-the-rack wedding gown for $750 and chicken and parsley potatoes with some green beans on the side? I wish I could have taken the bankruptcy road and had such a “fairy-tale” wedding. But then, I learned from my previous mistakes, and it took me three years and much hard work to honor my debt.

Amanda C. Dingey, Kittanning, Pa.

Nathaniel Brazill

Stop the insanity! Thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Brazill shoots a teacher between the eyes and believes he should be punished yet hopes to be released in 10 years so he’ll be able to start his life over again? Am I missing something here? Barry Grunow will not have the chance to start his life over. I pray to God that prosecutor Barry Krishcher asks for the maximum sentence. Until these children are held responsible for their unspeakable crimes, school violence will continue to escalate.

Renee S. Jakubiak, Williamsville, N.Y.

Roni Bowers

The Peruvians and their allies must be getting desperate if they have to execute drug dealers based solely on suspicion. This is the equivalent to police and highway patrols using antitank guns on suspected car thieves—executing them without due process.

Robert A. Cantin, Inglewood, Calif.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

Harrison Ford’s attractiveness and desirability quadrupled when I read of his reuniting with his wife of 17 years, Melissa Mathison, and their two children. Nothing in the world is more hemanly than a guy who makes a commitment and keeps it.

Jan Terrana, West Palm Beach, Fla.


I just have to comment on the letter written by Erin Flaherty. Do she and others like her really believe that a woman who has made the careful decision to end her pregnancy will be deterred by the violent actions of these so-called pro-life extremists? Ms. Flaherty, as long as this nation is, by and large, run by those who operate with a full deck of cards, you and your kind will founder.

Christine Vanoff, Kansas City, Mo.

If Erin Flaherty believes abortion is illegal, then don’t get one. But don’t make choices for others. Remember, “Thou shalt not judge.”

Siria Llanes, Austin, Texas