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Nicole Kidman
Poor Nicole. Everyone is talking about how hard it must be for her. I have yet to see anyone take up for Tom. Hasn’t anyone wondered why a loyal husband who gave a loving tribute to his wife just last Christmas would suddenly end their marriage? His quote was, “Nic knows exactly why we are getting the divorce.” She must have done something significant to turn his heart cold.

Karen Laird, Seattle

I find it hard to believe that Nicole is completely in the dark as to why Tom wants a divorce. There is definitely more going on than she is willing to reveal, and she seems to be using the media for as much sympathy as she can get.

Pamela Rodda, Irondale, Ala.

While the breakup of any marriage with children is sad, why is Kidman being painted as a victim? A victim of divorce is one who is thrown out of his home on a trumped-up domestic violence charge, someone whose spouse has raided the bank accounts or someone left without a dime. Cruise and Kidman may have some emotionally tough times ahead, but neither is a victim, and that should be kept in perspective.

Andie Kingston, Makati City, Philippines

Wow, what a surprise: Tom Cruise is the low-class jerk I always thought he was. I also knew Nicole was the better half of this couple, and by his selfish and uncaring attitude it has been proven that Tom is a dog. I hope you take him to the cleaners, Nicole!

Brittany Fairchild, Seattle

Another issue of PEOPLE with Tom and Nicole on the cover? That makes three in the past few months alone. Does “redundancy” mean anything to you?

Carmelle M. Ligsay, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Unless we know the whole story behind the breakup of this marriage, it is unfair to pass out sympathy exclusively to Nicole.

Elizabeth O’Neill

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Cat Fanciers

The quote from tiger-owner Michael Irons that he smacks his tiger with a shovel “just so he knows who’s boss” is so offensive to me that I cannot breathe right now. How dare this idiot and people like him feel that they have the “right” to own these animals and to treat them this way. People like Irons should be placed in a 20-ft.-by-20-ft. cage and hit with a shovel themselves. Let me have the first smack.

Cathy Genelius, Mentor, Ohio

Regarding Mary Irons’s comment about her rights: Would someone tell me where in the Constitution we are guaranteed the right to tiger ownership?

Mary Piazza, Watkinsville, Ga.

Can killer whales in the backyard pools of America be far behind?

Deborah Wills, Glendora, Calif.


I find it hard to believe that anyone would stoop to wearing eyelashes made from animal fur. I have seen nothing about Jennifer Lopez that sounds like anything but insecurity, from her fur to her see-through clothing.

Dorris Mediate, Virginia Beach, Va.

Benicio Del Toro

Yowza! I’ve been following Mr. Del Toro’s career since 1995’s The Usual Suspects, which I watched openmouthed, mesmerized and delighted beyond words. I have seen everything he’s ever done, and I still can’t get enough of him. He is pure talent and charisma and the obvious choice for your next Sexiest Man Alive!

Julie Hansen, Phoenix

Eva Cassidy

My sister brought home Eva’s live CD in 1999, and my family listened to her for months during my father’s battle with cancer. Eva’s music touched me during that terrible time. To this day I cry when I hear her beautiful voice singing “Bridge over Troubled Water.” Please pass on my regards to Eva’s family, and let them know how their daughter got me through my darkest hour.

Patricia Sautel, Culpeper, Va.

James Charles Kopp

I always thought that to be “pro-life” meant trying to prevent the death of unborn children and in essence save lives. Am I wrong? After reading about the man who murdered Dr. Barnett Slepian, I was appalled that people would call themselves pro-life yet commit life’s ultimate contradiction.

Danielle Clark, Sweetser, Ind.

Let us mourn for the four Slepian boys, who are without a father. Let us rejoice that some of America’s unborn children may now have a future. The actions of Barnett Slepian were no better than those of James Charles Kopp.

Erin Flaherty, Norwood, Mass.