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Russell Crowe

With news of the Russell Crowe kidnapping threat, I quickly rifled some magazines and started cutting out letters in different fonts, thinking I would somehow get into the fray and end up with the man I consider sex on a stick. But then I thought better of it. Not even Dr. Evil could think up an amount of money that would make me give him back!

Elisa Cibrario, New York City

Regarding the kidnap threat, Russell Crowe can hide out with me. I’ll protect you, Russell, honey!

Linda Seltzer, Montreal

I find it convenient that Russell Crowe almost gets “kidnapped” right before the Oscars, as the Academy is voting!

Chris Haynes, Boston

I am outraged that you hacks devoted six pages to the supposed Russell Crowe abduction plot. Various organizations have been trying to abduct me for years, and has the FBI ever stepped in? Of course not. Rather than examining preferential treatment given to starlets in the adoption process, maybe you should ponder why macho Crowe gets at least six tuxedo-clad G-men when I can’t even get the FBI to return my calls. We all know Meg Ryan is behind this anyway.

Justin S. Brown, Livingston, Mont.

I think it is ridiculous that American taxpayers are footing the bill to provide FBI protection for Russell Crowe. Doesn’t he have enough money to provide his own protection? Is he even an American citizen? I respect him as an actor, but Hollywood gets enough of our money.

Geno Sisneros, Pueblo, Colo.

Perhaps Russell Crowe’s alleged kidnappers planned to auction him off on eBay. Now that’s something I’d bid on!

Susan Cicchino, Westmont, Ill.

Cynthia Jay-Brennan

While I was saddened to read of Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s paralyzing accident, I was outraged that the drunk who hit her and killed her sister had been arrested for drunken driving 15 times. Fifteen times! Why was he still on the street? Even worse was the defense’s claim that “with an IQ of 70, he wasn’t responsible for his actions.” What a crock! Lock him up and throw away the key.

Georgia Booras, Shreveport, La.

Though this article is sad and does, indeed, prove money cannot buy happiness, it also begs one even sadder question—what in the world is someone who has been arrested 15 times for drunk driving doing out of jail? This article should be a wake-up call to all judges who allow this reprehensible pattern of repeat behavior. It should come to a screeching end, no matter who you are, who your attorney is or how much money you have.

Sandra Thornell, Austin, Texas

Darren Minors

On March 9 a junior at my high school suffered a tragedy very similar to Darren Minors’s. Brian Rapoport, one of those great kids everyone should have gotten to meet at least once, was in a car accident driving home from an afternoon bowling with some of his pals. He fought admirably for four days until finally succumbing to his injuries. Before removing him from life support, his parents arranged for Brian’s organs to be donated. After reading your article on Darren Minors, I feel the first true, sense of comfort since his passing. Darren, like Brian, gave the world the longevity and health he deserved to have.

Meredith Williams, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Thank you for your article on donor transplants. Our beloved daughter Shelley Burnett, on Nov. 1, 1998, gave to eight recipients the gift of life. We are so proud of her and wish that all parents who experience this most terrible of nightmares could come to know the great pride, love and fulfillment that being donor parents can provide.

Lou and Cathy Pierson, N. Brookfield, N.Y.


I was furious when I read the letter from Denise Furneaux. You took it upon yourselves to decide who would appreciate the Dale Earnhardt cover? I, like Denise, was an Earnhardt fan, and I was devastated when he died. I was sure he would be your cover story, and I was shocked when I opened the mailbox to find yet another picture of Calista Flockhart. Then I find out Dale was on your cover, but only in certain parts of the country. Who are you to decide what I would rather see? I am insulted and mad as hell that you would make that decision without knowing anything about me. In my opinion, you owe me one. Paula Peterson, Viola, Ill.

Dale deserved better from you! Is it possible to obtain the issue that featured him on the cover?

Natalie Mode, Calgary, Alta.