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March 12, 2001 12:00 PM

Tom & Nicole

Demi and Bruce, Kim and Alec, and now Nicole and Tom. What do they have in common? Million-dollar incomes, numerous homes and people to help them through the details of everyday life. I’ve been married 23 years to the same wonderful man. We have two great kids. We both work for incomes that just barely cover our monthly payments, enable us to have dinner out once in a while and, if we’re really frugal, take a one-week vacation in the summer. But we’re happy and we know what it is to go through the good and bad times of a marriage and still come out on the other end together. These celebrities are spoiled brats who can afford lawyers, alimony and child support. But the poor things don’t seem to have what it takes to handle the challenges in life that we real people face every day: commitment!

Kathy Kershner, Caldwell, Idaho

Why do celebrities even bother to get married? Is it just for the showy part? Marriage is hard work. Give up a little of the spotlight and invest your time in something real. It must be very sad to have everything yet have nothing at all.

Dawn Daggs, Churchville, N.Y.

I know that they’re saying there’s no third party involved in their divorce, that it’s simply divergent careers taking a toll on the time they spend together, but something strikes me as a bit odd about their solution. There’s either more to the breakup than what they’re saying or they were never in the loving relationship they said they were in.

Nancy Lisak, Tinley Park, Ill.

As I see it, what’s best for the children is for Tom and Nicole to slow down their careers, show respect for each other’s differences and make time for their family and their marriage. It is troublesome to read about a seemingly happy and stable couple wanting to throw it all away. Your fans won’t mind, Tom and Nicole, if you change your minds.

K. Smith, Centennial, Colo.

Back off and allow public figures to deal with their marital woes privately. High-profile figures share the same personal issues as the common man. Concentrate on their professional woes and successes, not on their personal lives.

Matthew Kennedy, Arlington, Va.

For some reason I get the feeling that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are more interested in remaining superstars than remaining married.

L.J. Allen, Atlanta

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa, what a wonderful breath of fresh air for the Live with Regis show. I, for one, hardly ever watched because I couldn’t stomach that “Reeeege” screeching, self-serving Kathie Lee. Best wishes to Regis and Kelly. A great match!

Susie Morgan, Cottonton, Ala.

Is it just my imagination or does Kelly Ripa resemble Kathie Lee before Kathie Lee’s face got so tight and brittle-looking?

Lynn Kereven, Oregon, Ill.

Dr. Brian Druker

I was thrilled to read your article on Dr. Brian Druker. Now I know who to thank for the wonder drug STI-571. Fifteen months ago, my older sister was dying from CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia). She was fortunate enough to be selected as a candidate for STI-571. Today, while still not totally well, she is considered in remission. Now, every time she calls with one of her jokes and I hear her laugh, I’ll thank Dr. Druker for giving me a future with my sister. I hope he wins a Nobel Prize, and I can guarantee that if I ever meet him, he’ll get a big hug from me.

Jayne Williams, Irving, Texas

Diane Whipple

The death of Diane Whipple is truly horrifying. I don’t understand how Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel could not have known that the dogs were potentially dangerous. According to the dog encyclopedia I own, Presas Canarios (otherwise known as Canary dogs) were bred specifically for fighting. Why anyone except the most experienced of handlers would keep them is beyond me. The old adage about there being no bad dogs, just bad owners is true. However, one might add that there are some breeds that are not safe companion animals for anyone.

M. Lyden, via e-mail

How would Robert Noel’s and Marjorie Knoller’s families feel if they were told they were attacked and killed by dogs because they were attorneys? I was outraged by Robert Noel’s comment that maybe Diane Whipple’s perfume triggered the attack, and then to further slander her by suggesting she might be on steroids. Here is yet another person shifting the blame to an innocent victim.

Jill Johnson, Zachary, La.

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