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Staying Sexy

Not to say that the celebrity women in your cover story aren’t both sexy and stylish, but if I could afford a personal trainer, chef, nutritionist, makeup artist and stylist, I would hope I would look that way too!

Leah Davis, Tomball, Texas

If I had a personal hairstylist, makeup artist, personal trainer, dietitian, housekeeper, masseuse, a manager to attend to and handle stressful situations, personal spokesman, several expensive vacations a year to cleanse my soul, a luxury home, the finest clothes, not to mention some plastic surgery, then I too would look incredible for my age. Theirs is not such a feat, nor a surprise.

Carole Hollon, Kent, Wash.

Puuulleeezzzee! Give me a break! Why not do an article on how good women look who wake up at 6 a.m., dress kids, fix up self, work, make dinner, play with kids, clean up, iron, put kids to bed, try to do a few sit-ups before realizing that they are just too exhausted and then collapse on the couch under a blanket and fall asleep before the news. Now that’s a story!

T. Cappadonna, Cleveland

Nowhere in your article did you mention the wonders of plastic surgery. As a normal woman in the real world, I would love to have the option, but I have to settle for the makeup counter at my local department store. In addition, a couple of the women in your “Look Who’s Turning 50” were my age a few years ago and I’m 55, so fibbing about your age seems to help somewhat as well.

J. Nicholson, Vancouver

According to our reporting, all of the 50-year-olds are indeed 50.—ED.

Your report on Staying Sexy was fantastic! What an inspiration to women of all ages. Oh, I can imagine the letters complaining that all it takes is money and plastic surgery. So what! Some women forget that these women worked hard to be where they are. They have perseverance and talent in an industry that is hard on self-esteem and highly competitive. Anyone willing to work hard, exercise, eat healthy and have a good mental outlook can be sexy at any age. I can’t wait to see the addition of 70-or 80-year-old women in the years to come.

Dana Brown, Long Beach, Calif.

Once again you devoted 34 pages to Staying Sexy, Hollywood babes and Look Who’s Turning 40, etc. What a waste of paper. Do we really care who is sexy? We all age in a different way. I really couldn’t care less if Tina Turner is 60. Put more emphasis on humanitarian stories such as the U.S. Marine and his new wife.

Helen Sellers, Rockville, Md.

How incredible to see so many women looking happy, healthy and independent. It makes growing older just that much nicer.

Cydney Farrell, Brentwood, Calif.

Meriam Al-Khalifa & Jason Johnson

What a romantic story! A real-life Romeo and Juliet. She steals away in the night to be with her forbidden love. I truly hope that the necessary officials will feel compassion for this young couple in love. I am rooting for them.

Katrina Clark, Corinth, Ky.

“Run, Meriam, run!” are my words to the princess. Somebody needs to take that 19-year-old girl and send her back to her family. Her husband, Jason, is a real treat! Furniture throwing and con artist all in one! There is no heroism in this story, just a kid who needs a good divorce lawyer.

Nusrat Ahmad, Toronto

Michael Costin

So Thomas Junta’s attorney states he “acted in self-defense”? I don’t agree. Acting in self-defense was leaving when he was asked to leave the rink. Acting upon his own thoughts/emotions was what happened when he returned to confront Michael Costin. Thomas’s brother states, “He cried over the Costin kids losing their father.” He was not crying when he chose to hold Costin down in front of his kids and other children, beating him so badly that he died. Is he really crying for the kids or for himself?

Sally Evans, Roanoke, Va.

Air Rage

Your article stated one of the major problems of passenger air rage is attributed to the free flow of alcohol on planes. This major problem can easily be eliminated. Just as smoking was banned on all flights for health reasons, why not ban alcohol for safety reasons?

Daphne Sommers, Sacramento

Picks & Pans

Wait a minute! Did I miss something? Did Béla Fleck have a sex change operation? In the review of Outbound, it says, “…Fleck leads her band…” I’ve been to two Flecktones concerts and believe me, that hunky banjo plucker is no woman!

Meg Nickerson, Belfast, Maine

Béla’s a fella, of course, and a noble example of the gender. We regret the error.—ED.