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Prince William
Boy, I wish I were 18 years old and an aristocrat so I could have a chance at dating the absolutely gorgeous heir to the British throne, Prince William. He certainly gets his looks from his mother, Diana.

Holly Miller-Bentley, Aurora, Colo.

Prince William will undoubtedly become “the People’s Prince.” He appears to have been blessed with all the qualities that made his mother so endearing. I can only hope for his sake and his family’s that the intrusive paparazzi arid tabloid press will not plague him as they did his mother.

Jennifer R. Castelli, Rochester, N.Y.

I feel sorry for Prince William. If he is as intelligent as your article states, he will follow his mother’s suit and get out of that crazy, mixed-up family they call a monarchy. Wills needs to find a nice “commoner” to marry and have lots of little commoners.

Betty C. King, Greenville, S.C.

Princess Diana was on your cover seems like every other issue for every reason imaginable. I can see where this is going. Please, please, please, leave William alone.

Margie Garvey, Osceola, Ind.

Diana’s attempts to give William a normal childhood truly did pay off. He is an absolutely amazing person and role model.

Rachel Bowie, Groton, Mass.

Star Tracks

I just wanted to write and thank you for ruining an entire season of Sex and the City with that picture of Charlotte getting married in the season finale. Hey, maybe next time you guys are looking for some fun, you should go find a revival of Citizen Kane and yell out, “Rosebud is a sled!” Or how about posting a sign in video stores letting everyone renting The Sixth Sense know that Bruce Willis is dead?

Becky Heilman, Etiwanda, Calif.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between scooping a story and ruining the fun for millions of fans who prefer to tune in each week and watch the plot unfold the way the creators of a show intended. What were you thinking?

Jennifer Sellers, via e-mail

I sure hope you can keep the lid on who is the last to “survive” on my other favorite show, Survivor!

Bridget Connolly Childers, Norman, Okla.

Although I have been retired from the USDA for a year and a half, I can still recognize my former boss, Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman. Secretary Glickman is the one wearing the white cap in the picture with Bette Midler, not New York City Parks Commissioner Henry Stern.

Helen Neil, Pittsburgh

We regret the error.—ED.

Central Park Wilding

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is as clueless as ever! No one is blaming the police for what happened to those women in Central Park. What they’re being blamed for is their lack of response when it was obvious that these women were in danger. It has more to do with the fact that the police (in almost every city) are more than happy to ignore a woman when she is assaulted or raped.

Christine Sepolen, Yakima, Wash.

Obviously, the assaults that took place in Central Park are inexcusable, although the way women today “strut their stuff,” scantily clad, baring boobs and butts, is a shout to all: “Look at me, want me!” And men being men, they did just that. The blame and shame is upon us all.

Lisa Ferre, New York City

I was shocked to read that the choice of victims in the Central Park assaults seems “at least to have been bias-free.” Bias-free? The attackers intentionally targeted only women for the purpose of sexually harassing, sexually assaulting and degrading them in the most invasive way imaginable. When people are attacked solely because of their gender, it’s a bias crime regardless of what color the victims happened to be.

Anastasia Steinberg, Santa Cruz, Calif.

When New York police ignored the pleas of the women who were attacked in Central Park, they were doing what so many of us do every day in every part of the world. We look the other way when women complain of inappropriate touching by making it a joke or thinking the females surely must be enjoying the attention and asked for it. No woman enjoys that kind of attention! Wake up, world!

LeeAnn Freeze, Ft. Wayne, Ind.


Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy for Sharon Stone, but to say that her celebrity did not play a role in her getting a “beautiful white baby boy” is a joke. (I feel the same about Rosie’s three children.) My sister-in-law has been trying to adopt for years now. She and her husband have very good jobs and would make great parents. And yet no child has come into their lives. I believe if they had a different last name things would be different.

Gina Mackey, Bohemia, N.Y.