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Celine Dion

Three cheers for Celine and René on their pregnancy! It is so refreshing to hear about famous people who really know what life is all about—true love and happiness shared by two, creating life from love.

Julie Andersen, Newmarket, Ont.

I was really overjoyed to see such a wonderful article about Celine Dion’s struggle with infertility. As a woman who has been trying to get pregnant for five years, I find Celine’s story one of true inspiration. No one can go through this experience without feeling that one more infertile couple having reached their “goal” gives us all hope.

Katie Mosher, Willseyville, N.Y.

It’s too bad Celine had to wait in her $4.7 million mansion for pregnancy rest results. I’m sure it was miserable for her. Most of us had to go back to work two days after our IVF cycle and wait for test results while struggling through real life. Knowing she has all the money in the world and the country’s leading physicians at her fingertips should put her at ease if it doesn’t work out. By the way, what is “courageous” about Celine and her husband’s “candor about their infertility problems”? Regular people go through this every day!

Deneen Reiser, Belmont, Calif.

I’m sure you’ll get the usual letters criticizing Celine Dion and René Angélil for the money they spent on getting pregnant. I say, “Congratulations!” They have both worked hard and deserve to spend their money any way they see fit. Why not spend it on the best fertility specialists available?

Cyndy Butler, Imperial, Calif.

Congratulations to Celine and René. This is one star who truly deserves happiness.

Paula Vallejo, Park Ridge, Ill.

Where Are They Now?

I grew up watching all of these sitcoms at one time or another, and your coverage and pictorial were indeed most enjoyable. It sure brought back a lot of memories. Many thanks for catching me up with these “old friends.”

Randee M. Borasky, Dresher, Pa.

I can’t thank you enough for updates on many of my favorite TV sitcom stars. Since I’m the same age as most of the child stars, it’s nice to know what direction their lives have taken. It gave me the same feeling you get when you go to a high school reunion.

Robin Van Kanegan, Gilbert, Ariz.

I just purchased the June 26 issue yesterday. What a waste of $4.00! Who cares “where they are”? You devoted your magazine to people who, for the most part, aren’t doing anything. How disappointing!

Lorie Dittenbrener, via e-mail

Excuse me! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look exactly alike! Whoever came up with the idea that they’re fraternal? If they’re really fraternal—and it’s not an editor’s mistake—then that’s freaky!

Sarah Dobkin, Northbrook, Ill.

“They are indeed and have always been fraternal twins, the result of two separately fertilized eggs,” says their spokesman Michael Pagnotta.—ED.

Mike Bell and Dakota

In today’s litigious society, how refreshing to see a dog owner go through obvious pain and suffering and still be grateful for a happy outcome. Bravo to Mike Bell for teaching the rest of America a lesson. Bravo to United Airlines for handling its error with professionalism and care.

Nancy Mohler, San Francisco


I was appalled to see people write in suggesting that maybe Dana Carvey should “lighten up” because his doctor’s mistake was “only human.” It is “only human” when my dry cleaner misplaces my shirt. It is “only human” when my server brings me the wrong side dish. We do not pay our doctors hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to be “only human.” I certainly hope that these readers never have themselves or a loved one realize what it’s like to have an “only human” doctor.

Justin W. Root, Studio City, Calif.


I’m sorry to learn that so many celebrity couples have divorced after being married at the Little Church of the West. Although it’s a strange coincidence that all these marriages have failed, I doubt the church has anything to do with it. After being married there nine years ago, plus three kids later, we’re still going strong!

Vicki Perret, Leesburg, Va.

Star Tracks

Someone should tell Reese Witherspoon that the warnings on gas pumps not to use cell phones are there for a reason. Doesn’t she know a live cell phone could inadvertently ignite the pump, leaving just a crater where she is standing? Wise up, Reese. You may be “talented and multitasking,” as the picture caption reads, but you certainly are not too bright.

Eileen M. Trofe, Exton, Pa.