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June 26, 2000 12:00 PM

Dana Carvey

Thank goodness Dana Carvey never made a mistake. I would hate to see him get sued. His surgeon was neither incompetent nor uncaring, just human. Does any other occupation face a lawsuit whenever a mistake is made?

Mark Butz, Abilene, Texas

Mr. Carvey was one of the lucky ones to survive a medical mistake. My father was not. Apologies were not forthcoming in his case either. Mistakes happen. When they do, doctors need to take responsibility and try to make sure they never happen again. Unfortunately, the code of silence is still intact and cover-ups are common.

Maxine Flam, North Hollywood, Calif.

I was shocked to learn that Dana Carvey’s surgeon was Dr. Elias Hanna. In 1972 my father was in the hospital having an angiogram when he coded. Dad was rushed into surgery and after many hours survived, thanks to a young surgeon—Elias Hanna. The triple bypass Dr. Hanna performed gave my father another five years of quality living. I am very sorry to hear of his “mistake” with Mr. Carvey. Unfortunately, though, he is human like all of us and was probably told by lawyers not to admit fault.

Mary Ann Gigliuto, San Francisco

Thanks for answering a question I have been curious about—whatever happened to Dana Carvey, one of the most talented comedians I have ever seen?

Mary Ellen Reutzel, Holbrook, N.Y.

Travis Schmidt

I noticed how impressed you were with Travis Schmidt’s achievement of being in school for 13 years without missing a day. I thought I should tell you of a similar achievement in Howell, Mich., by twins Adam and Joel Maczik. Wal-Mart gave them both $500 gift certificates.

Jessica Clum, Howell, Mich.

My father, now 69, also made it through all 12 years of his education without missing a single day. Kindergarten wasn’t offered in his West Virginia community in 1935.)

Paula Fox, Lexington, Ohio

Here in Longview, Texas, we have Skeeter Brantley—13 years of perfect attendance and just graduated from high school last week!

Peggy Brewer, Longview, Texas

I have perfect attendance and have been in school all 1,800 days since kindergarten, so where’s my article?

Lindsay Z. Ting, Dover, Mass.

This is it, Lindsay.—ED.

Anthony Colin

I resent the insinuations made by Donna Sigalas, founder of Parents’ Rights USA, who claims that “if you think that gay kids aren’t seducing other kids, you’re nuts.” As a young heterosexual female, I would like to inform Ms. Sigalas that all attempts that have been made to “seduce” me, as well as my friends (both male and female), have been made by members of the opposite sex. Her implication that homosexuals walk around randomly seducing others is ludicrous. If she is as serious about promoting abstinence as she claims, then perhaps she should redirect her efforts. Attacking tolerance organizations does nothing to discourage young people from having sex.

Natalie Gokey, via e-mail

In a world filled with scared, hotheaded people like Donna Sigalas and her cohorts, it is inspiring to see a young man like Anthony Colin trying to promote a little understanding. Let’s hope he can “seduce” more kids into his type of thinking—warmth, compassion and open-mindedness.

Todd Silverman, Clifton Park, N.Y.

Matthew Perry

After reading your article, I’ve decided that Matthew Perry’s only real “trouble” is that, like all celebrities, he is forced to live in a fishbowl and have the media try to make something sinister and mysterious out of life events such as car accidents, illnesses and gaining weight—the unforgivable sin in showbiz. This was tabloid journalism at its worst, unworthy of your fine magazine.

Sally Gifford, St. Louis

Matthew Perry has never looked sexier. I love a man with a little meat on his bones.

Jamie Morris, Jackson, Tenn.

Style Watch

I am a 42-year-old African-American woman who, along with many of my friends, wore cornrows as a child. Occasionally my young nieces wear cornrows now. Maybe Justin Timberlake can explain to me and other African-Americans how wearing cornrows adds to one’s “thug appeal.”

Cheryl Green, Rochester Hills, Mich.

Star Tracks

Shame on you, Pierce Brosnan! Your son Sean is critically injured in an automobile accident and you haven’t learned anything. How can you go bicycle riding with your mother, your 3-year-old and your fiancée, and no one is wearing a protective helmet?

Suellyn K. Bache, Stamford, Conn.

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