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Whitney Houston
How sad that Whitney Houston, a woman of such talent, beauty and success, is willing to throw everything away in the name of being considered a “diva.” I was unaware that the meaning of the term has evolved into someone who is repeatedly late for appearances, rude, and who publicly makes an ass of herself over and over again. We made her famous and we made her rich—I think we deserve a little more than what we are getting in return.

Christopher R. Stotz, Hershey, Pa.

What in heaven’s name is Whitney Houston thinking? She’s rich, talented and beautiful. She’s got a darling daughter and a great hus…Okay, never mind.

Jonessa Brittan, Vacaville, Calif.

I hope that Whitney’s family and friends help her find the physical, emotional or spiritual help she needs at this time in her life so that her story does not end like that of another famous diva, the late Judy Garland.

Cheryl Chaudoin, Portland, Ore.

Your article seems to convey a message that my favorite diva is all but finished. Wrong! Whitney Houston knows the way. And if indeed she is experiencing some of life’s bumps and curves, this too shall pass. If people would just back off and give her some time to realign herself with her spiritual center, the Whitney we all know and love will return. Stay strong, Whitney. I’m in your corner.

Valerie Y. Mackritis, Tucson

I have to say how disappointed I am that society is willing to believe the bad and question or doubt the good. Whitney is a diva! Why is she expected to be perfect all the time? She is under constant pressure and scrutiny and is entitled to take a break every once in a while. I don’t believe she would do drugs, despite the fact that she is married to Mr. Bad Boy Bobby. Leave her alone, please!

Christine Migliore, Jacksonville, N.C.

What has. Whitney Houston done to herself? If she keeps up this behavior, she will soon be a has-been, and that is really sad.

Angie Zaborowski, Winona, Minn.

Carnie Wilson
I have to admit I was put off and disappointed by your article on Carnie Wilson. A woman’s self-hatred and her inability to withstand the criticism of the people and the industry around her are not something to celebrate. Being fat was not her problem—people can be healthy, in shape, happy and long-lived at weights higher than those found on the doctors’ charts. Her problem was being surrounded by people who told her she was so fundamentally unworthy that she should have large portions of her healthy stomach and intestine rearranged so that she would never be able to eat normally again. Sadly, self-mutilation is more socially acceptable than self-acceptance to Carnie Wilson and PEOPLE.

Marci Riseman, San Francisco

To encourage women to have body-altering surgery so they can be svelte is a disservice to women everywhere. Exercise and eating right is always the healthy choice.

Laura Quebe, Greenwood, Ind.

This past Valentine’s Day I too had gastric bypass surgery, and it has significantly changed my life. As a sufferer from morbid obesity, I fully understood what Carnie was going through. This is a disease that tears away at your self-esteem, health and overall well-being. It is the best thing I ever did for myself. Thanks, Carnie, for sharing your experience and helping to open the information doors for others.

Debbie Ferber, New Milford, Conn.

If Paul McCartney got some backup singers and went on a nationwide performance tour, they would not be the Beatles. Whatever in the world makes Diana Ross think she and a couple of backup singers are the Supremes?

T.E. Floyd, Crimora, Va.

Stop in the Name of the Bogus Love Tour! Shame on you, Diana. A Supremes tour without Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong—I don’t think so. That would be like Mick without Keith, Sonny without Cher, Hall without Oates. I’m staying home.

John Gordon, Anaheim Hills, Calif.

Rudy Galindo
My mom and I would just like Rudy Galindo to know that we—like so many others—are 100 percent behind him with all the moral support he needs. We pulled for Scott and for Katya, and we’ll pull no less for him. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, Rudy, stop by for some chicken soup.

Vicki and Marge Brodkin, Bushkill, Pa.

Picks & Pans
I’m certain you’ll hear from the legions of faithful Garland fans regarding the error on page 47 of the April 17 issue: Judy’s son is named Joey, not Johnny, Luft!

Sharon M. Malone, via e-mail

We did, and we regret the error.—ED.