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Oscar Beauty

I don’t know if you watched the Awards, but with the exception of Hilary Swank, no one on your cover won one. Why not Kevin Spacey? Michael Caine? Angelina Jolie? I enjoy looking at Matt, Ben, Brad, etc., but they weren’t nominees. I thought the article was about the Oscars. Silly me!

Charlene Rhodes, Sacramento

The latest Hollywood plunge, front and back, is deep enough to make Oscar a secondary matter. How far south will designers go before the gowns are X-rated?

Gene Ratner, Carson City, Nev.

You only need to look at page 86 to find your Sexiest Man Alive—Kevin Spacey, a man who loves his mother, isn’t afraid to show his emotions and doesn’t feel it’s necessary to name his conquests just to prove his sexuality. Now that’s sexy!

Honor Taylor, Council Bluffs, Iowa

I stayed up and watched the whole Oscar broadcast—I guess because I kept hoping it would get better. Not only was it the longest ever, it was the worst. The Gap commercials and wondering if Annette Bening would go into labor were the best parts. And Denzel Washington should demand a recount.

Claudia Finkelstein, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Why won’t anyone believe in Darva Conger’s sincerity and innocence? I’m certain this poor girl, who wants out of the spotlight and back to her normal life, had no idea there would be cameras when she crashed parties on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Terri McConnell, via e-mail

I suggest you add a new section to your magazine, titled Pathetic Opportunists, where Darva Conger could mingle with Kato Kaelin and Monica Lewinsky.

Ted Davidson, Tustin, Calif.

Only Cher could get criticized for wearing a basic black dress to the Oscars!

Rick Gould, Traverse City, Mich.

As an eating-disorder therapist, I was shocked at Angela Bassett’s statement that she lost a few pounds in time for the Oscars because she had walking pneumonia, and wasn’t that great! I have a 23-year-old girl in my practice who had a heart attack from overdosing on syrup of ipecac to make herself throw up. But she lost a few pounds. Isn’t that great! What an irresponsible message to be sending—illness is welcome as long as it makes me thinner.

Mary Anne Cohen, New York City

What a waste of time and paper. The individuals and the clothes are disgraceful. Please use your informative magazine to tell stories that are important and not glorify a group of idiots.

H.A. Sellers, Rockville, Md.

Thomas Kinkade

Who cares what art critics think of Thomas Kinkade? Not I. I have his drawings as wallpaper on my computer and they are so wonderful I can hardly decide which one to use next. Apparently there are lots of us who feel this way; $126 million in one year is pretty convincing.

Betty Robinson, Williamson, W.Va.

If, in David Bonetti’s opinion, Kinkade’s work is a “world that would exist if everyone were on Prozac,” I guess his opinion on Picasso’s world would be that it’s the one that would exist if everyone were on LSD.

Roseann Salsano, Bridgewater, N.J.

As a card-carrying member of the liberal intelligentsia, I can understand the criticism of Kinkade’s work. Where is the excrement? The urine-soaked crucifix? The unmade bed encrusted with garbage? Is this all he has to offer—skillful reproductions of idyllic American settings? How trite! Not one thing to offend anybody! How can it be considered art?

Ross D. Featherston, Holiday, Fla.

Star Tracks

Niki Taylor is an animal lover? Instead of making the spontaneous purchase of her dog in a pet shop, she should have thought about it and adopted one of the thousands of dogs in shelters. This kind of spur-of-the-moment behavior is what leads to so many unwanted pets.

Julie Ford, Ada, Mich.

Dogs are not accessories; they are living beings requiring love and attention. Responsible dog owners think about the time they have to spend with their pets and do research to determine the dog that best suits them. Above all, they never buy from a pet shop. Such puppies are often the product of bad bloodlines and overbred mothers, and to purchase one propagates irresponsible breeding.

Heather Fay, Edmonds, Wash.


In response to the letter from Addi Gonzalez regarding Dr. Laura: This country was built on the concept that all men are created equal. Just who are you to stand in judgment of who is a Christian and who isn’t. It’s time for people to worry about what is going on in their own homes and less about their neighbors.

Sheryl Meyers, Cedar Falls, Iowa