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January 30, 1978 12:00 PM

Travolta & Gorney

“Karen Gorney spins a TV sweathog to sizzling stardom”? No way. John Travolta is Saturday Night Fever (PEOPLE, Jan. 9). Karen Gorney is as mechanical as her dancing.

Judi Seidel

West Reading, Pa.

I can’t believe it’s happened again. It’s really shocking how second fiddle everyone is treating the first-rate Ms. Gorney. On the movie posters she is reduced to an awkward-looking robot next to Travolta, in a dress she didn’t even wear in the film. But the poster isn’t bad, considering the fact that she is absent altogether in both the newspaper advertisements and on the cover of the sound track (which is a discomaniac’s dream). Now on your cover she is again a secondary image. Give the lady a break. She’s got too much going for her to be placed in J.T.’s shadow.

Tony Mendolia

Overland Park, Kans.

What happened to the beautiful young actress we all loved as Tara in All My Children? Your article leads me to believe she has become a self-contradicting egomaniac.

B. Dennis

Jasper, Fla.

You say that Karen’s father, Jay Gorney, wrote Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? According to the book The Making of the Wizard of Oz, Yip Harburg (who co-wrote Over the Rainbow with Harold Arlen) is the author of that song. I’d like to know who really wrote it.

Kathryn Caldwell

Santa Barbara

E.Y. “Yip” Harburg wrote the words to Gorney’s music, and both families are still dearest friends, though Yip is married to Jay’s previous wife.


A lot of us would be interested in knowing what characters John Travolta’s mother and sister play in the film.

Ginny Skalsky

Mount Pleasant, Mich.

“You’ll have to look quick or you won’t see me,” says John’s mother, Helen. “I play an exasperated customer in a hardware store and Annie is a pizza parlor waitress.”


Larry Flynt

You mentioned that Flynt is considering coming out with an illustrated version of the Bible. Who’s the centerfold?

Diane Swanson

Arlington, Mass.

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn’s remarks about our President make it clear that her attempts at clever sophistication come off as immature, caustic and addlepated. To fault a man whose manner is quiet, earnest, sensitive, religious, patriotic and uncomplaining is ludicrous. We pay our President with the fervent hope he will be that kind of man.

Phyllis Campbell

Stamford, Conn.

Three big cheers for Sally Quinn. Georgians are all she claims and more. Southern hospitality is nonexistent. Atlanta is the biggest little “hick” town in the world. Atlantans wrote the book on “provincialism” and add a new chapter each month.

Jane Prescott


John Denver

He doesn’t leap across the stage in high heels pounding on a flaming guitar while playing kickball with his backup men. Nor does he gyrate in a silk suit bare to the middle, while screaming or moaning in a scrubby, tobacco-coated voice. Nor does he tempt snakes or spit blood. When I put any of John Denver’s albums on my stereo, I feel engulfed in music, not tasteless noise.

Anna Kimball

Newburyport, Mass.

Billy & Benny McGuire

How dare you call the 747-and 727-pound McGuire twins “jocks”! They are a disgrace to every real athlete. As the wife of a professional wrestler, I watch my husband train three hours a day, check his diet carefully and make sure he stays in good shape so he can be an asset to his profession.

Mrs. Ivan Koloff

Charlotte, N.C.

Frances Lappé

Bless you for your story on wonderful Frances Moore Lappé and her work and theories on conquering hunger. I hope other publications and the electronic press will be equally responsible and bring this vital subject before the people.

Suzy Chaffee

New York City

Lappé obviously objects to profit. Governmental constraint on the capitalist system, not the system itself, is the largest contributor to world hunger. The world will never have food to eat until bread costs a dollar a loaf in this country. Lappé has a yeoman-farmer social order in mind, and has directed her logic to this end, when in fact it is easily demonstrated that bigness is indeed efficiency in agriculture.

Thomas Jack

Brownsville, Pa.

Tom Tryon

What if Tom Tryon gave up acting? He’s one of the best writers around. I picked up his Harvest Home one day, couldn’t put it down, and then couldn’t get it off my mind for three weeks. I even dreamed about it. Now that’s what I call an author with impact!

Cyndy Hall

Minturn, Colo.

Joan Rivers

I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Joan Rivers. She is a multitalented woman extraordinaire. And with her rising-star status, she remains an adoring mother with time for her child. I hope Rabbit Test is only the first of many Rivers films. Anything she does is certain to be funny.

Maria Blanton

Great Falls, Mont.

The Spinks

In your year-end edition, you pictured Michael Spinks instead of his brother Leon alongside Muhammad AM. It’s an honest mistake, but the larger of the siblings will have trouble enough with Ali come February 15.

Phillip D. O’Hern


AP captioned its picture wrong. Above, the Olympic (’76) gold medal winners, heavyweight Leon, 25 (right), and Mike, 24, a light heavyweight.


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