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November 07, 1977 12:00 PM

O.J. Simpson

What class! What pizzazz! O.J. is the man of the moment (PEOPLE, Oct. 17).

Julie Carrigan

Cohoes, N.Y.

O.J. Simpson may have needed Elizabeth Montgomery to further his movie career, but she sure didn’t need him. Chalk up one mistake for Ms. Montgomery in doing A Killing Affair—a real bummer.

J. Conway


In spite of it all, O.J. is still unpretentious and seems to have a better sense of values than many other celebrities. O.J., you are beautiful! You are the greatest! Hear that, Muhammad?

Lydia McCottry


Dick Cavett

What do you mean, “Okay, so he’s not Johnny Carson”? Surely Dick Cavett is SUPERIOR in every way but one, his height.

Thomas H. deVolpi


You say that Dick Cavett is credited with writing that “famous” introduction for Jack Paar: “Here they are…Jayne Mansfield!” Strangely enough, Bob Shanks, now a vice-president at ABC, states in his recent book, The Cool Fire, that HE was responsible for writing the very same introduction.

C.J. Myres


Cavett says: “It is unseemly to be squabbling over a joke, but I have a carbon which appears to be in my typing.” Shanks replies: “I still think I wrote it. Maybe we each wrote half. We both knew Miss Mansfield, and that was enough.”


Cavett’s pose of ingenuousness is too frequently heavy-handed. He labors to reach for the foreign word or misuses one of his own. He offered “fulsome” as a complimentary adjective, thereby insulting that nice Sophia Loren. I like his guests, but who wants to spend a half hour waiting to wince again.

I.R. Stern

Northridge, Calif.

Claude Pepper

No wonder Claude Pepper thinks Social Security benefits are inadequate. If he can’t live on his $57,200 salary, then the $497 a month he receives couldn’t possibly feed his pets. I’m all for banning mandatory retirement, but this kind of double-dipping is absurd.

Pam Westerley

Escondido, Calif.

Anyone earning that much should not be allowed to collect Social Security.

M. Rain

Los Angeles

Debby Boone

After reading your article, I watched Debby sing You Light Up My Life on the Johnny Carson show. She is a pure delight.

Sarah A. Grant

Woods Hole, Mass.

I liked the way the song was sung in the movie better. I watched for a credit, but it wasn’t there. I get the feeling they don’t want anyone to know.

Nanette Breton

Orem, Utah

It was sung by Kacey Cisyk, 24, who does TV commercials (Pepsi, McDonald’s) and is not enjoying the anonymity thrust upon her. She is planning legal action for a share of the sound track album’s profits.


Michael Butler

At $5,000 for a good pony, is there any doubt that polo will be “kept for the elite”? Michael Butler’s most severe “handicap” seems to be his arrogance.

J. Guinn

Newburgh, Ind.

On the average, a horse costs $500, membership dues $60, tack $350 and stabling (if needed) $50 a month. It’s cheaper than golf. Our polo club members include a pet shop owner, a salesman, a hairstylist and college students. And it only costs $1 per vehicle to watch the game. Bring a picnic.

Jill Volkman

Wayzata, Minn.

Rita Clancy

Would it surprise anyone to know that there are lots more “qualified” people who are not being allowed to go to medical school for one reason or another? What we’re confronted with is the very real and immediate deprivation of some individual whites as opposed to the very real and long-term deprivation of the entire black race. The former causes us immense concern and perhaps raises some questions about the medical establishment in this country. The latter threatens our very existence as a nation.

Steven Gruntfest

Newark, N.J.

Cleveland Amory

Katharine Hepburn’s painting fetched the top dollar ($3,800) at Amory’s auction for animals and you didn’t even show it. HMMPH! May we have just a small look?

Mrs. Joseph Nichols

West Islip, N.Y.

Hepburn’s oil is of her and a brother flying kites in Old Saybrook, Conn. near Hartford, where they grew up.


Howard Cosell

Being both a Cosell-weary football fan and a sometimes frustrated TV repairman, I thoroughly enjoyed your “It’s nothing personal, Howard…” The idea of throwing bricks at television in general, and at Cosell specifically, was a great vicarious release.

L. Lynch

Beatrice, Nebr.

My solution is a suction-tip dart gun. It’s much cheaper and you can use the darts over and over again.

Steven E. Barrett

Copperas Cove, Texas

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