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June 27, 1977 12:00 PM

Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood may be Fleetwood Mac’s backbone (PEOPLE, June 6), but without Chris McVie’s sensual voice, the rest of the body would atrophy.

Georgia Wagner

San Francisco

Fleetwood Mac’s success is best attributed to its newest and most talented members, Stevie Nicks and, to some extent, Lindsey Buckingham.

Carolyn Hinsey

Scarsdale, N.Y.

Someone should tell the Fleetwood bunch on your cover to get a bath and a haircut. I thought the era of the “Dirty Hairy” look was over—ugh!

Lisa Reynolds

St. Louis

Anita Bryant

I too fear for the children, not because of “gays” but because of narrow-minded bigots like Anita Bryant. I say, “Let’s let the gays out of the closet and lock Anita Bryant in!”

Jeri E. Ross

Tujunga, Calif.

Why are the homosexuals out to get Anita Bryant? She only did what every Christian mother would do. For this, God is saying to her, “Well done, faithful servant.”

Mrs. Don Petersen

Cutbank, Mont.

Your article states that the Singer Company “has apparently suspended plans for a Bryant talk show.” The Singer Company is, at this time, still negotiating with Ms. Bryant to act as hostess for a pilot for a television series to be aired in the fall of 1977.

Lawrence F. Mihlon

The Singer Company

New York City

Anita Bryant has convinced me that orange juice causes brain damage.

Richard Albert

Port Hueneme, Calif.

Bill Cosby

How could PEOPLE write an article about Bill Cosby and not answer the number one question? Does he really have a brother Russell, and if so, are they on speaking terms?

Malinda MacDonald

Escondido, Calif.

Russell, 37, lives in Atlanta, and, yes, the boys see each other fairly often.


Hal Krents

Your article might give the uninformed reader the impression that Hal Krents mastered law by studying Braille texts. Braille lawbooks don’t exist; they would be too costly and bulky to produce. Like thousands of other blind students, Krents got his texts (free) on tape from Recording for the Blind.

Norman Bunin

New York City

Carl Walske

Carl Walske is lying either to himself or to us. The Rasmussen Report on nuclear reactor safety predicted that a nuclear reactor accident would in fact be much more serious than any “major industrial accident,” and would have lethal consequences far beyond the killing of thousands of people.

John K. McNabb Jr.

Cohasset, Mass.

Walske replies: “By a major industrial accident I mean one that kills 2,000 to 3,000 people. The Rasmussen Report estimates the same number of deaths from the worst kind of reactor accident.”


Gary Fridd

You declare that the Saxon sword discovered in Yorkshire, England by young Gary Fridd is some 10 or 11 centuries old, and you add that this dates “back to the days of King Arthur.” If the museum dating is correct, the sword harks back to Saxon England just prior to the Norman conquest (1066). By this time Arthur and his struggle to preserve the guttering flame of Romano-Celtic civilization from the unlettered hordes in Britain had been gone nearly 500 years.

E.V. Pratt

Kingston, Ont.

Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie states that his bathing suits are “a way to make every woman’s dream of looking like Cher come true.” What an insult to think we have no better taste! In a survey at our office, 28 women out of 28 asked said no, they did not want to look like Cher. Open your eyes and look around, Bob. A lot of women are more beautiful than Cher.

Brenda Copeland

Lois Ernst

(& 26 others)

Peoria, Ill.

Cleveland Amory

You caught the real essence of Cleveland Amory and his concern for the underdog, but you missed his amazing ability to puncture his own ego. My husband and I had the pleasure of sharing a lecture podium with him on a recent cruise to Tahiti. After one talk, he cheerfully described two passengers who had come up afterward to buy his book. The first lady paid her money, then snatched it back, saying, “I forgot! I promised my husband I wouldn’t buy anything unless I really wanted it.” Passenger No. 2 saw Amory was about to sign his autograph. “Oh, don’t write in that!” she exclaimed. “When I get home I may want to take it back to the bookstore.”

Merla Zellerbach

San Francisco

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