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Dolly Parton

You went and put my idol on your cover (PEOPLE, April 4). I admired this beautiful mountain girl’s plaintive call long before it was in vogue to jump on the country bandwagon. Miss Parton is a very talented woman. I do wish, though, that she would take off those damn wigs.

Tom Wright


Why don’t people stop criticizing Dolly Parton and see her for what she really is, a beautiful, kind, loving person. I’ve seen people whose hair is normally like her wigs. She could be bald and still be beautiful.

Donna Glaser

Appleton, Wis.

George Plimpton

Oink, oink to you, too, PEOPLE Magazine! Here we have Freddy Plimpton’s surprise 50th birthday party for George, featuring a nude woman emerging from a cake at midnight. Doesn’t it make you wonder how many men would ever give their wives a party with a nude man in a cake, and then stay up until the wee hours mopping up? Freddy, you’re a sucker!

N. Fitzgerald

Farmington, Conn.

George Plimpton’s 50th birthday party had about as much public interest as my home movies.

Victoria J. Youngman

Kettering, Ohio

Jesse Winchester

Great! Let singer Jesse Winchester stay in Canada. He does not deserve to be an American citizen. I deeply resent President Carter’s pardon of draft dodgers. Jesse Winchester’s “courage” to become a Canadian citizen? Like hell.

Ginnie Scott

Charleston, S.C.

For the first time, I felt compassion for a draft evader and understood a little his point of view.

Mary Russman

Louisville, Ky.

The Fords

Loved your interview with the Fords. They are truly a family to be admired for their courage, warmth and honesty.

Mrs. Rosie Otlowski

Hillside, N.J.

Mrs. John Q. Citizen is just what Betty Ford is now. She’s not the First Lady any longer. She must learn to think of herself the way the rest of us Americans do, or she’ll have nosebleeds way up there in the clouds.

Irene Fosket

Walled Lake, Mich.

Cha Cha Muldowney

You say that Shirley Muldowney has been credited with the second-fastest speed in a Top Fueler at 249.30 mph. This is true if you are only counting NHRA national event performances. On Jan. 16 of this year in Arizona, Shirley ran the fastest to date for any Top Fueler—252.10 mph.

Norman Blake


Muldowney’s speed was not official. Don Garlits holds the National Hot Rod Assoc, record of 250.69 mph.—ED.

A good many years ago, I used to watch Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney get her “cheap thrills” on the streets of Schenectady. As a drag racer she’s No. 1 in her class. As a person she’s wonderful. Lady, we miss you.

Linda Otten


The Queen’s Hats

What were you thinking of when you did NOT mention the Queen’s pearls and earrings which seem to be the only thing about the woman that hasn’t changed these 25 years?

I am sure that when my husband comes home from work tonight, he will have one of his typical British answers, as he is still an English subject, but I would really like to hear it from you.

Mrs. Norm Robson

Mayfield, Ky.

Buckingham Palace says the Queen often wears pearls and matching earrings “because she likes them. It is a typically British fashion.” (Mr. Norm Robson, when he came home, said, “It’s typical. “)—ED.

Ernest Albright

Your article on Ernest Albright and his Chinese Shar-Pei dogs was pictorially brilliant. But you failed to give those of us crazy enough to spend $1,500 for a wrinkled dog any instructions on how to one-stop-shop for the pet of the year.

Christopher M. Haenel

La Quinta, Calif.

Contact Ernest Albright at 24 Audrey Lane, Pleasant Hill, Calif. 94523.—ED.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, you have just printed the most fabulous article ever on the Shar-Pei. Many, many thanks! You have done more for this breed than you will ever know.

Walter “Dugan” Skinner

Wolcottville, Ind.

Look, the Shar-Peis have wrinkled pantyhose just like Mommy!

J. Anderson

Oak Lawn, Ill.

Marie-Christine Barrauit

It is appalling that French actress Barrauit finds fault with a woman breastfeeding her child in public. It seems a lot more disgusting to appear nude in a movie like Cousin, Cousine “right in front of everybody.” Something has certainly become twisted somewhere along the way.

Marian G. Hawkins

Wallingford, Conn.

Jim Duke

As a former retailer of over 150 herbs, I was glad to find there is at least one person in the Department of Agriculture with a liberal attitude toward what herbs can do. I’d like to point out, though, that the mandrake root Mr. Duke refers to is the American mandrake, not the European which is extremely dangerous. It was used in days of old as a sedative for patients undergoing trephining (opening the skull) for the purpose of releasing evil spirits and thus disease. The American mandrake root can also make one quite ill if taken in the wrong dosage. It is a laxative.

Lydia J. Valentine

Topanga, Calif.

Charlton Heston

You have finally reached the ultimate in cynicism. Because Charlton Heston is a successful actor, husband and father, he is “smug.”

P.J. Meral


Mr. Heston can bring his smug self, his smug wife, his smug children and his smug dog, if he has one, into my home any day, and I’ll roll out the red carpet.

Irma Northrup

Concord, N.H.