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Sophia Loren

I must congratulate you on your beautiful article about Sophia Loren and her family (PEOPLE, Feb. 2). It’s encouraging for people of all ages and all kinds to know that someone famous is really happy!

Jill S. Ryan

Greenwich, Conn.

I would like to state that Edoardo just turned 3 in January, not 4.1 know because he was born the day after our son.

Mrs. R. Cohen

Clark, N.J.

If the new customized version of Sophia Loren is 5’8½” tall and weighs 135 pounds, the old version must have registered a healthy number on the scales.

Tom Regan

Mineola, N.Y.

Joan Braden

Poor Mrs. Braden. The front door of their $200,000 Chevy Chase home is peeling. The corduroy couches are stained. Hell, with eight kids, six Cambodian refugees, two live-in friends, a cook, four large dogs, a cat and a snake, she’s lucky to have couches, much less stained ones. The lady obviously has too much pride and not enough common sense. I’m poor, but realistic.

Mrs. Vickie Burke

Appomattox, Va.

Joan Braden is one of the fanciest welfare cases we poor suckers ever got stuck with.

Pat Santina

Sparks, Nev.

People in our poor community are paying heating bills of from $40 a month (for four rooms and bath) to $60 a month (for six rooms and bath). In comparison to $100 a month for 24 rooms, I think the Bradens are getting off quite cheap.

Mrs. Raymond Sommers

Portsmouth, Ohio

Michael Lord

I don’t blame “Little” Michael for dropping in on Grandma Radney for some home cooking. I’d be doing the same thing if I got canned corned beef hash, macaroni, and fruit cocktail with whipped cream for dinner. With a diet like that, he’d better start praying that he’ll be around long enough to enjoy his success.

Diane Haun

Laguna Beach, Calif.

Maybe there is something to the theory of “faith-healing.” I try not to disbelieve. But when I see a boy of 8 belting out messages such as, “The devil makes you want to chase women so you’ll wind up a telephone pole or in jail,” it makes me sick. A comment like that coming from a child who is into comic books and Kool-Aid sounds totally ridiculous, regardless of the audience he is addressing. Well, there is a Reverend Ike, so there may as well be a Reverend “Tyke.”

Jo Ellen Steiner

North Hollywood, Calif.

Dick Battista

Dick Battista might need another heart transplant if he keeps on throwing that 25½-pound ball down the alley.

E. Udell

Huntington Beach, Calif.

Unless the rules have changed greatly since I was a major league and tournament bowler, the legal weight for a bowling ball is no heavier than 16 pounds.

Alice Southworth

Amityville, N.Y.

Battista’s practice ball, which weighs 15½ pounds, gained 10 pounds through the error of a contrite reporter.—ED.

Shari Lewis

Your article was right on concerning Shari Lewis’s involvement in conservation. She has devoted much energy and personal resources to our state’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation program. And so has Lamb Chop. We appreciate your acknowledging the special efforts of Shari, who has been so much help to us.

G. Earl Quinliven

Dept. of Fish and Game


Emmylou Harris

Thank you for recognizing the greatest new talent in music, Emmylou Harris. Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt are just what country music needs—versatility, not just the same Ol’ sob story out of Nashville. Her voice is as refreshing as a bright sunny country morning. And she’s not bad-looking either.

Benny Dorsett

Odenville, Ala.

C. W. McCall

Governor Ray of Iowa is mostly mistaken in his criticism of Convoy. The record inspired some of us to install Citizens’ Band radio in our patrol cars. We no longer have to waste time ticketing truckers. We have learned that a simple radio call will slow them down. I, for one, would prefer a “thousand screaming trucks” to a single senile idiot with Iowa plates and tunnel vision poking along my highway leaving a trail of accidents all winter long. Truckers are mostly safe, courteous drivers.

James T. Kirmse

Pima County Sheriff’s Dept.