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The Fonz

Thanks for your article on Henry Winkler (PEOPLE, May 24), but most of all I want to thank Henry for “The Fonz.” He hasn’t “created a monster,” just a harmless idol for younger children. I work in a pediatrician’s office and when the boys and girls are scared, all I have to say is “The Fonz wouldn’t be afraid.” It works like magic.

Beverly Bernard

Downey, Calif.

I agree that he has “created a monster.” Every kid on my block wears clothes that are as much like Fonzie’s as possible. But I must admit, he’s the cutest monster ever created!

Diane Shamblie

Burbank, Calif.

Henry Winkler thinks he’s “created a monster.” Count Dracula would have been proud of your cover!

Cathy Jones


There is no other character on or off the screen that my mother, my husband, my son, 6, and I all relate to.

Bonnie Burton

Concord, Calif.

Perhaps Winkler’s fantasy is not The Fonz but himself. After three New England appearances, he disappointed throngs of elementary and preteen kids by showing up as Henry Winkler, not The Fonz. The Yalie is not smart enough to “carpe diem” or seize the opportunity. He may be living on residuals after his remaining two seasons…and on frozen pizzas. Get it while you can, Winkler!

Albert L. Silver

Springfield, Mass.

It’s getting dangerous to carry an exposed copy of PEOPLE in public. Today in the supermarket, I was chased by three kids yelling, “Fonzie, Fonzie.” I had the magazine ripped out of my hands by a hysterical girl behind the delicatessen counter, who kissed the cover repeatedly. A middle-aged man grabbed me by the arm and tried to convince me (and himself) that he had once been a cool teenager like Fonzie. And that was only in the first aisle!

Karla Horner

Chattanooga, Tenn.

David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller is not “the recognized spokesman for the banking world.” Chase has steadily fallen from competition with Citicorp through poor management. Mr. Rockefeller’s grandfather was an industry leader. There is no one in the present generation worth remembering.

Thomas E. Burns III

Balboa Island, Calif.

Fred Astaire

Perhaps That’s Entertainment, Part 2 is a way to escape being forgotten by the public, or maybe it’s just an old scrapbook of memories. I hope Mr. Astaire and all his friends enjoy the movie. It’s for them, isn’t it?

Liz Padilla

San Leandro, Calif.

He changed partners, as the song goes, and danced with the graceful and lovely Barrie Chase. Where is she now?

Martha Todd

Pittsfield, Mass.

She is married to a Beverly Hills businessman and is the mother of a 2-year-old son.—ED.

I have idolized Fred Astaire for as long as I can remember. Now just knowing I have the same name as his dog makes me feel fantastic.

Alison Milne

Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Earl Blackwell

If, as you say, Earl Blackwell graduated Oglethorpe in 1929 and if, as you say, he managed at the age of 13 to wangle tickets to a party given by Miss Lily Pons, he would have had to graduate at the ripe old age of 11, inasmuch as Miss Pons did not make her Metropolitan Opera debut until 1931 and could not possibly have been in Atlanta until after that date.

Carl J. Carter

Jacksonville, Fla.

The brash Blackwell did indeed attend a backstage party at the age of 13 but it was, as noted, sans Pons.—ED.

Al Hrabosky

Your article on “The Mad Hungarian” was great to see as I Hlove Hrabosky Htoo. Hthanks so much.

Kelly Whitehead

Toledo, Ohio

Joanna Crawford and Robert Radnitz

At the plea of my ex-husband, Robert Radnitz, the family film man, I agreed to be interviewed about how a divorced pair might work together professionally from time to time. Frankly, I hoped the publicity would help my current movie, Birch Interval, which he produced, and in that cause I even let him pose briefly with me in my smallish but warm Jacuzzi. What fantasies are induced by warm swirling waters! Imagine my startlement at seeing your piece, headlining in the grossest way some X-rated private life we’re supposed to still enjoy together! I don’t know which is the more depressing, my producer’s tacky schoolboy boasting or your reporter’s gullibility. But no matter: the plain truth is that I’ve had no relations whatever of that sort with my ex-mate since our divorce, nor do I contemplate any. No kidding, could any writer sport herself with the guy who lobbed up that phrase you quote: “We’re like two bantam cocks—we’re hot”? Shouldn’t common decency at least make me a hen in this terrific simile?

Joanna Crawford

West Hollywood, Calif.

Duke and Duchess of Bedford

I was pleased that one of our many Bicentennial functions was mentioned, but Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, were not paid to visit our city. They were invited by the Bedford ’76 Bicentennial Committee, who offered to pay their air fare. They were invited only partly because of their celebrity status. Their visit is the first half of an exchange of visits and on Sept. 19 a planeload of Bedford, Ohio residents will visit England. Their Graces did not attend 35 events, did not go to a PTA meeting, did not eat fried chicken (Das Gast Haus roasted a whole pig), we only had one small parade put on by one of our elementary schools and the Bedford ’76 Committee has yet to hold a bake sale.

Anna C. Niver

Member Bedford ’76 Committee

Bedford, Ohio

Correspondent Linda Witt replies: “The $3,500 fee was confirmed to me by Mrs. Niver. It may have included air fare and expenses. Thirty-five events were scheduled for the noble visitors, including a PTA meeting. The buffet may have been roast pig, but Their Graces also ate fried chicken.”—ED.

Edmund Hillary

In his work with the Sherpa people, Sir Edmund Hillary—in spite of his personal tragedies—continues to scale heights most men never reach. Thanks for an update on an amazing man.

Wm. H. Harris III

Venice, Calif.

The World Book Company did indeed help financially with Hillary’s schools in Nepal, but many of the sales representatives gave part of their commission, voluntarily, to this project. We were very happy to do this. The “little” people of World Book deserve SOME credit, don’t you think?

Ruth E. Goodman

Kalamazoo, Mich.

Governors in Ireland

I noted the words on the cover, “Ella and the Guvs frolic in Ireland.” At first, I took the “Ella” to be, perhaps, entertainer Ella Fitzgerald, who accompanied a group of governors to perform. Instead, it was Ella Grasso, who is indeed chief executive of the state of Connecticut. Your wording made it sound as if “Ella” was some sort of “outsider” instead of a fully equal participant in the Irish festivities. With headlines like that, you’ve set the cause of women’s rights back 100 years.

Eileen Malone



A caption in the Star Tracks section is entitled “The Party’s Over,” referring to the men and women who admitted they were recovered alcoholics. On the contrary, I’d say the caption should read “The Party’s Just Begun” now that they have “dared” admit their illness of alcoholism and gone on to do something about it.

John B. Stewart

Brunswick, Mo.