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Correspondents with an eye to the next chapter in the marital saga of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford (PEOPLE, June 2) included Kathie Lee fans—the majority—urging her to give Frank his walking papers (“Dump him!”) and others who feel that after years of making her marriage a public event, she was due for a bit of public embarrassment.


How sad for the Giffords. How humiliating it must be to have your parents, children, friends, coworkers and the rest of the world knowing what should be a very private matter. If Kathie Lee is half the woman I think she is, she will indeed stand by her man.

PAULA CHRISTENSEN, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kathie Lee Gifford’s “business as usual” demeanor is insulting given that she has made the most intimate details of her life a part of millions of people’s morning routine. There seemed nothing too personal or too vulgar to mention on television. Now that what is revealed is unflattering and humiliating, Kathie Lee needs her privacy. Well, if she hadn’t shoved Frank and her “perfect marriage” down our throats for the better part of a decade, maybe we wouldn’t care.

ANDREA H. DUMAS, Lake Oswego, Ore.

Kathie Lee Gifford deserves tremendous kudos for showing up at work every day in the midst of this personal and very public crisis. She exuded a rarely seen combination of grace, dignity, courage, class and strength by handling her chat with Regis, and her conversations with guests, with nearly the same humor, warmth and interest as always.


Saratoga, Calif.

Our daughter graduated from Marymount University, and I had high hopes for a special message to the graduates from Kathie Lee. There is no question that her address was fierce, but her remarks were entirely self-centered and self-serving. Every statement related to her good works and unfair treatment by the “trash for cash” press. It was an infomercial, not a commencement address.

PEGGY DEUTSCH, Arlington, Va.

Of course Frank is crying. That’s what they always do when they get caught! Kathie Lee should divorce Frank and send a thank-you note to the Globe.


Kathie Lee, you are young, you are beautiful, and you make millions—why do you need that loser?

PATRICIA J. DENNIS, Milledgeville, Ga.

I am 15 years old, and I’ve only known of Kathie Lee Gifford’s existence for a short while, yet I’ve already heard enough about her and her children to last a lifetime.


Let’s hope this image-conscious couple decide to handle this unseemly affair privately and not plan a money-making deal with marriage counselor Gary Smalley, with new self-help videotapes and books just in time for Christmas!

J. STANTON, New Canaan, Conn.

Never before have I seen such a tasteless cover on a reputable magazine. For you to have placed photos of happy couples under the heading of “Love Stories” next to a photo of the troubled Giffords was insensitive, cruel and classless.

JILL K. BARNETT, New York City


As a victim of systemic lupus erythematosus, I was saddened to read of Mary McDonough’s struggle with this debilitating disease. For many of us who watched her on The Waltons, Ms. McDonough was a part of growing up. Nevertheless, it’s a surprise that she is directing her considerable talents toward suing the manufacturer of her breast implants for money. As your article said, no one knows the cause of SLE, which scientists think is genetic. Getting money from the implant manufacturer will not help her young daughter. Perhaps Ms. McDonough could better spend her energy supporting research into the cause and cure of SLE so all its victims could benefit.


Thank you for the article regarding breast implants and lupus. I too had silicone breast implants after a 1991 bilateral mastectomy, and I believe I suffered lupus, along with other diseases, as a result. It gives me hope when a person of high profile, like actress Mary McDonough, can draw attention to our plight.

MARGIE DIETER, Jacksonville, Fla.