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“I am truly tired of seeing Demi Moore naked,” said a disgruntled reader, who was not alone in voicing displeasure with the highest-paid actress in Hollywood (PEOPLE, June 24). There was a handful of admirers who praised Demi for her body, her career and her family.

I find it interesting that in all the reviews of Demi Moore‘s movies, the quality of her acting is never discussed—just the quality of her body. This may work for someone like Madonna, but after plunking down $7, one expects to see acting of at least acceptable quality. After all, T & A goes just so far.

JUDY PRATHER, Cincinnati

Any self-respecting woman in this day and age, with or without three kids, should have nothing but admiration and respect for Demi Moore. Show me an “unbuff mother of three” who despises her, and I’ll show you a lazy, jealous woman who doesn’t have the brass to get off her butt and do what it takes to make herself happy.

JULIE WEAR, Ventura, Calif.

Demi Moore is disliked by women because lots of us believe that her body has been surgically altered. She keeps trying to convince us that our breasts will get bigger and firmer and our tummies will get flatter if we just work out after having our kids. Demi thinks the American woman is a fool, when she is the real fool if she thinks anyone is buying her story.


“Demi’s kids are always with her,” Rita Wilson was quoted as saying. Those kids must be the most bored kids around, attending 3 hours of dance rehearsal, 2½ hours of yoga, sessions with their mom’s personal trainer, reading scripts, and months of doing research in topless bars. There is no way in the world that Demi Moore spends that much time with her kids. Employing two nannies says it all.

NANCY BELL, LOS Altos, Calif.

I am sick and tired of everyone dogging out women who know who they are and where they’re going. I’m the mother of three, and I’d give anything to be in Demi’s shoes. Her determination and drive, accompanied by her ability to focus on the whole picture, makes her an outstanding leader and actor. She’s totally awesome, and for those of you who can’t stand it, tough cookies.

DEBBIE GAFFKA, Chandler, Ariz.


Bravo to Michael Wilkie for asking the Princess of Wales to dance! Boo, hiss to those who complain he was out of line—I hardly think a polite, friendly invitation to dance could be rude in any way. Besides, if she didn’t want to dance, she could have said no.

MAGGY SHANNON, Knoxville, Tenn.

I find it extremely satisfying that someone of Di’s stature would ignore protocol to make sure someone’s feelings are not injured. I applaud Wilkie for doing what most men only dream about and for having the courage to go through with it. Congratulations, Wilkie, I’m sure it was an enjoyable trip around the floor.

MEL STONE, Woodbine, Md.


How could you tell us Joan Rivers gets a 20-carat sapphire with beautiful 2.5-carat side diamonds and then not print a picture of the ring? I couldn’t care less about whom she is going to marry; I want to see the rock!

PHYLISS M. DUNLAP, St. George, Utah


I was inspired by Christy Martin’s determination and strength. However, I was appalled that Mrs. Martin would ever discourage a daughter from playing sports because she is a girl. As a 14-year-old, I have never received any kind of discouragement in seven years of soccer playing because I am a girl. If girls shouldn’t play sports, I guess men shouldn’t be dancers or nurses either. Does this mother want to produce a timid housewife? Or is she afraid of stupid people who still think a woman’s place is cooking, cleaning and tending to her children?

MAUREEN KELLEY, Camarillo, Calif.

Christy, as a female athlete, I beg you not to deny a daughter the reward and sheer pleasure of proving the men wrong.

JUDI GATES, Albuquerque


Thank you for your coverage of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s annual carnival and picnic. It is nice to know that what Elizabeth Glaser began so many years ago has survived her. The pics and quips let me know just who the “good guys” in Hollywood really are. Where can the rest of us send donations?


Donations may be sent to: Pediatric AIDS Foundation, 1311 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, Calif. 90404—ED.