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May 27, 1996 12:00 PM

When taking on the awesome responsibility of choosing the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (PEOPLE, May 6), we’ve learned we can’t please all of the people all of the time. Correspondents this year chastised us for omitting, among others, Dean Cain, Shania Twain, Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Reeve, Adrian Paul, Gillian Anderson and, of course, JFK Jr.


If you go one more year without including the phenomenal actress Mary McDonnell on your top 50 list, I will personally come to your offices and break all your pencils and expose all your film.


How can you have 50 Beautiful People and not one of them be a Friend? One show, six beautiful people. What were you thinking?

LISA ROBERTSON, Burlington, Ky.

What? No Keanu Reeves? Are you guys blind?


Demi Moore a feminist? Somebody needs a dictionary. You’ll find Ms. Moore’s costly striptease denned under narcissism, not feminism. Adding muscle tone and a marketing strategy to T&A doesn’t make it less denigrating to women.


I can only hope that the reason Colin Firth of Pride and Prejudice was left off your list was because you plan to select him as Sexiest Man Alive.

APRIL STEPHEN, Arlington, Va.

Hey! Where’s Sam Elliott? Sean Connery? Sam Waterston? Val Kilmer? Jill Hennessy? Madeleine Stowe? Barbra Streisand? Jodie Foster? My husband?

JANN VEIEN, Excelsior, Minn.

What became of the 50 Most Beautiful People of 1995? Were they all fed ugly pills?

JACK FINDLAN, Decatur, Ga.

Demi Moore, Brad Pitt and George Clooney were repeaters in ’96. The others are still beautiful, but jealous.—ED.

It was love at first sight when I saw Mel Gibson’s face years ago. Now, at 36, married with two children, I still forget to breathe at the sight of his devastating smile and gorgeous eyes.


I was very disappointed with the 50 Most Beautiful issue. As a woman and a nurse, I find it most disturbing that your writers would mention the weight of almost all the people you chose. Teenagers and insecure individuals read these numbers, then believe themselves overweight and unattractive. It’s too bad, because being 5’11” and 113 lbs. sounds most unattractive to me. People are beautiful for many reasons, and weight is not always one of them.

CARA GILLEM, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Every page made me feel like a hippo.

DENISE BURKE, Beverly, Mass.


The day I learned of Erma Bombeck’s death I cried. I have read her books and columns since I was a teenager. Having married young, with three children in quick succession, I found that her wit and humor often kept me sane.

KAREN MEAD, Wingdale, N.Y.

In the midst of diapers, tantrums, fevers, carpools, adolescence, PTA and laundry, Erma Bombeck made me laugh until I’d cry. Though for the most part being a full-time mother can be a thankless job, her books somehow made me feel it was all worth it.

JANET AVERY, Temple City, Calif.

I’ll bet Erma’s up in heaven next to Jackie, laughing about the auction at Sotheby’s. I think there should be an auction of Erma’s things—the canned goods with no labels, the girdle with the outstretched elastic, the clump of dust bunnies under the fridge. She was the down-to-earth, real lady.

BETH LANIOUS, Chandler, Ariz.

Erma Bombeck was modest when she said her story could be told in 15 minutes, tops. Ten years ago, WAIF hoped to raise money in Phoenix for our adoption programs, but we had no contributors and no way to attract them. I wrote to Erma. She agreed to appear and donate her services. When told that a limousine service had donated a car and driver for her use, she said, “I know how to drive. Raffle it off, and make some more money for the kids.” She attracted an audience and entertained them. A few days later she sent a generous contribution. Erma Bombeck gave on all levels. She took nothing for granted.


WAIF Executive Director

New York City


It is most interesting that a man with such a great talent has so little honor. Pippen claims, “I kind of want other kids wanting to be me.” Yet he refuses to see his daughter Taylor because he no longer has a relationship with the mother. What parent would want Scottie Pippen to be a role model?

JENNY OTTENSTROER, Scottsdale, Ariz.

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