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Though many readers enjoyed our peek inside celebrity parties (PEOPLE, Nov. 20), a number of correspondents were outraged to see only four pages on assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Said one: “It’s a sad testament to American morality when more print is given to dolts like Loni Anderson and Kato Kaelin than to a man who gave his life fighting for peace in the Middle East.”


Re your “Let’s Party” double issue: ZZZZZZZ! There’s more substance on the back of an aspirin bottle.

JULIE A. ZABACK, Farmington, Mich.

What is it with all these pictures of Anna Nicole Smith baring her nipples? First it’s the bereaved widow in her plunging white dress; next she’s in her hot pink frock on the arm of Bruce Willis in the party issue! Perhaps she should change her name to Anna Nippole! Some people in Texas thought she’d come a long way from working at a chicken joint in Mexia. Think again.

LUCY M. SANDERS, Richardson, Texas

The older photos in your issue really took me back. The stars of the ’40s and ’50s really knew how to dress for a party. These days, it’s “Let me get my clothes from the laundry basket and throw a cap on my head, and I’m ready.”

DOREEN DESIMONE, Cheshire, Conn.

You did not identify the “young acolytes” attending Elsa Maxwell. They are Jeanette MacDonald and Tallulah Bankhead. How appropriate to picture Bankhead twice in your issue; she was known for her extravagant lifestyle. In later years, when asked “Are you the famous Tallulah?” she reportedly replied, “What’s left of her.”


Sensational! Sexy! And, oh, so fun! Our glimpse into the after hours of Hollywood is too often tattered by tales of drugs and alcohol. Thanks for showing us the glamorous side. Party on, dudes!!

BONALYN BOYD, Jacksonville, Fla.

Only in America does narcissism make a cover story.

R.L. SCHMOLLINGER, Antioch, Calif.


What harm would it have done to postpone this “special double issue” by one week and give Rabin the proper dedication that he deserved?

C.J. SLOANE, Reston, Va.

One of the most important leaders in today’s world is assassinated, and your cover features “Let’s Party!” Who picked that—O.J. Simpson?

NANCY CALEV, Honeoye Falls, N.Y.

You gave a cover to Jerry Garcia, a man who used drugs and alcohol and gave nothing that will make this world a better place in which to live. Rabin lived his life and lost his life for peace, and all you gave him was a four-page spread?


Pleasant Hill, Calif.

Yitzhak Rabin played a critical role in ensuring that Middle East peace will become a reality. His influence will be remembered long after the last party comes to an end.

BRIAN KATZ, Washington


Did it ever occur to either Burt or Loni that their 7-year-old son (and his classmates) can read? Shame on them for their mudslinging books.


New York City

Another man who physically abuses his wife—and gets away with it! The only difference between Loni’s and Nicole Brown Simpson’s former marital situations is that Loni survived and is here to tell about it.

LEIGH COX, Vienna, Va.

Are Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson still news? Their small son must feel like he won the booby prize from hell, getting them for a mom and pop. They should keep their whining to themselves. No more on them, please! ANN ELDREDGE, St. Joseph, Mo.


Thank you for putting an article on Travis Roy in your magazine. It’s unfortunate to see him become famous for a hockey injury and not for making it to the pros. When I moved to Maine’s North Yarmouth Academy during my junior year of high school, I didn’t know a single person—until this really friendly guy smiled and started talking to me. It was Travis. He was a true friend when I had no one else. I know there are many people out there whose lives Travis has touched. I say this from all of us: Travis, we love you and you’re in our prayers. Hang in there, and don’t let that smile fade.

LISA MACKENZIE, Selinsgrove, Pa.