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Readers of our second annual Special Celebrity Weddings issue (PEOPLE, July 25) paid as much attention to the haute couture as they did to the commitment being celebrated. Many questioned our selections—and some even questioned our morals—but overall, correspondents welcomed the chance to recall their own “wedding laughter and honeymoon memories.” Fans of space travel urged us to remember astronauts other than those who touched down on the moon.


The picture that really caught my eye was the one of Donna Rice praying in her beautiful wedding dress. She not only looks luminous, but she also looks like there was a sense of peace about her. That’s what [marriage] is really about—giving thanks for the one person who can make you feel like that. It’s nice to see her happy at last. You go, girl.

D.T. DREGORY, New Orleans

It was a relief to see a PEOPLE magazine without poor O.J. on its cover and also a joy to see men and women discovering that love can be a “many splendored thing” regardless of ethnicity, age or socioeconomic status.


As Marla Maples’ former manager and Donald Trump’s ex-press rep, I find it amazing that the ego-fed arrogance of these two leads them to believe that dumping Trump’s wife and three children to consummate a three-year, adulterous affair will sanitize their prior illicit relationship in the public’s eye. I’ll bet Trump had two fingers crossed behind his back during his vow to love, honor and obey.

CHUCK JONES, New York City

Found guilty last February on charges of stealing shoes, diaries and panties from Maples’ apartment while he was her business manager, Jones is currently appealing his sentence of 1½ to 4½ years in prison.—ED.

White wedding gowns used to be a sign of virginal purity; now they just mean the bride can afford to buy an expensive dress.

ADDIE HESTER, Louisville, Ky.

How could you not include the Jack Wagner and Kristina Malandro nuptials? Diehard General Hospital fans have been following this couple on and offscreen for years.

PAMELA CERNAC, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

A year from now, I would just love to see how many of those blissfully happy newlyweds are still together. JUDI FEENEY, Shrewsbury, N.J.

I’ll eat my tiara if that’s Viscount Linley whose arm Serena Stanhope is holding in the photo. In any case, he’s a hunk but not the bridegroom in question.

FELICE ITZKOFF, Forest Hills, N.Y.

Spare the tiara. That was the bride’s father, Viscount Petersham, whom we misidentified as the groom, escorting her to the church.—ED

I was a little upset when you showed Andie MacDowell in one of the frilly concoctions that she tried on as a joke in the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, and everyone lambasted the style. Well of course it looks horrible—it was supposed to. In the movie she actually was married in a beautiful gown.


The wedding dress we showed MacDowell wearing was one of her many try-ons from an earlier scene in the movie, not her final selection.—ED.


The Right Stuff portrayed the boyish womanizing of the Mercury astronauts and briefly touched on the pain of their wives. The TV movie Moon Shot seldom mentioned their families. Your article revealed that most of the astronauts have been divorced. If I had daughters, I’d tell them never to marry an astronaut.

WENDY LATULIPPE, Burlington, Vt.

I realize you were featuring the 12 who actually walked on the lunar surface, but I feel a pang of sympathy for those who sat and watched or, as in the case of Apollos 8 and 13, had emotional experiences comparable to walking on the moon.

RAYMOND LAWTON, Richland Center, Wis.


I must take exception to Ralph Novak’s review of Tom Arnold’s performance in True Lies. I have never been an Arnold fan because I don’t care for his wife. Together they have always succeeded in bringing out the worst in each other. Tom, however, was really funny. The whole picture was so hammed up that if Tom had not been so “overeager,” he would have blended into the scenery. Instead he was an entertaining scene stealer.

ELAINE S. EWEN, Burbank, Calif.

I want to thank Craig Tomashoff for his rave review of Bakersfield P.D. It is the funniest program on TV, and I hope it stays on for a few more seasons. There is enough seriousness in the real world of criminal justice on the news and on the talk shows. Bakersfield is a welcome break from reality.