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The murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman and the shocking arrest of O.J. Simpson (PEOPLE, June 27) prompted one of our largest reader responses this year. Many correspondents blamed the legal system for failing to protect Nicole from domestic violence, while others faulted society’s deification of professional athletes. And despite consensus that O.J. deserves a fair trial before his guilt or innocence is determined, most readers at this point seemed ready to believe the worst.


What a tragedy! That someone of O.J.’s prominence and abilities could be linked to such a gruesome crime. I guess when you are a “star” you just have farther to fall than the average person. I have a hard time feeling too sorry for Mr. Simpson, however. No matter if he is a star, two people are no less dead.

KERRY MEYERS, San Benito, Texas

After reading your article on the Nicole Simpson murders, I could not help but cry. It is such a shame that two people’s lives had to be taken in such a violent way. It is also very sad that some people have already convicted O.J. Simpson as the murderer without knowing all the facts. It is bad enough that two young children will have to grow up without a mother; don’t take their father away without giving him a fair trial.


Perhaps if Nicole and O.J. Simpson’s family and friends had listened to the battery charges and beatings that occurred, she would be alive today. O.J. is entitled to a fair trial, but superstar or not, why was he allowed to get away with spousal abuse? Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman and their families are the real victims of the crime of domestic violence.

PATRICIA ZANOTTl, Alpharetta, Ga.

Will I be the first to say this about Orenthal James Simpson? Only I didn’t say it, F. Scott Fitzgerald did: “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.”


I have a strange feeling that if, unexpectedly, someone else is found to have committed these murders, the crow will become an extinct bird after the media finishes eating.

ANN BATTLE, Birmingham, Ala.

The cover photograph of Nicole and O.J. Simpson and their child is the most insensitive and inappropriate photograph you could have chosen. If there was a reason for this choice, other than sensationalism, I fail to understand it. The photo is an intimate glimpse of marital bliss and parental joy. It is totally at odds with the reality of their relationship and with recent events. To see this cover must cause unbelievable pain to the family and friends of the murder victims.

MARIE W. SHIPLEY, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Isn’t it strange people felt an American boy should be flogged for spray-painting a car in Singapore, yet they’re shouting, “Go O.J., we love O.J.,” in support of a possible murderer?

SHARRI UPTON, Irving, Calif.

The electronic media has deified professional athletes and beautiful people to such a degree it is difficult to remember that neither guarantees psychologically mature, balanced and socially responsible individuals. Their triumphs and the privileges their wealth can buy are public. Their problems and failures are-not.