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Though several correspondents see in the saga of alleged madam Heidi Fleiss (PEOPLL. Aug. 23) the stuff of pulp-TV legend, not all are pleased at the prospect. A few had harsh words for us for even writing about her. Concerning another story, readers share the anger and grief of the Zywicki family, which is continuing its unsuccessful yearlong search for daughter Tammy Jo’s killer.


Heidi Fleiss—the new Amy Fisher. Another dysfunctional spoiled brat elevated to celebrity status through (alleged) criminal behavior. Wonder how many TV movies your new cover girl will generate?

ANGELA BOZORTH, Bowling Green, Ky.

With almost daily crimes such as drugs, riots, murders and drive-by shootings for the Los Angeles police to record, it’s amazing that Heidigate has been elevated to the crime of the moment. If that is our No. 1 priority, we have all lost our marbles.

C.L. HOFFMAN, Kansas City, Mo.

How could you waste a precious cover on such filth and scum? Heidi Fleiss does not deserve to be put anywhere except prison.

SHELVA WOOD, Piano, Tex.

Some people thought Robert Altman’s masterpiece The Player was too hard on the movie industry. If anything, Altman was too easy on the hypocritical, two-faced sleazebags who run Hollywood. They may have gotten away with adultery and whoring in this life, but God will judge them harshly in the next.



I am 23 years old and not easily moved to tears, but the story of Tammy Jo left me sobbing. The brutal murder of someone so full of life, whether you knew her or not, is difficult to accept.

ANDREW KLEINE, Lansing, Mich.

I’ve learned from this tragedy that as long as there are sickos out on the roads, any woman driving alone is vulnerable. My parents have always been paranoid about me driving alone. I know now that their fears are well-founded. There is no such thing as being overly cautious!

KIM ZARNIK, Cape Coral, Fla.

Nine weeks ago my sister Lynn was murdered in her apartment. We have a lot of hurdles in front of us, as the Zywickis did in their first year. Your article has given me hope, though. It looks as if they are coming to terms with the violent loss of their daughter. I am glad for that, and I wish them all the best.

KIM CARTER, North Vancouver, B.C.

We recently returned from traveling more than 3,500 miles across Europe. I noticed that along the autobahn and other major roads, there is an emergency telephone available every two miles. My first thought was that Tammy Jo Zywicki would probably be here today if that were the case in America.

JEANNE OBERT, Freeport, Ill.


My heartfelt condolences to Jay Leno on the death of his mother. Take one day at a time, Jay. Your pain will lessen and give way to loving memories to cherish always.

DOROTHY FODOR, Oak Harbor, Wash.

Jay Leno’s on-air tribute to his mom brought tears to my eyes and made me chuckle at Mrs. Leno’s humorous observations on life. Jay Leno is truly a remarkable human being and performer. I wish him much luck with his show, but most of all I wish him strength to gel through this loss. Go get ’em, Jay!



Prior to learning that, like myself, Bret Michaels is diabetic, I admired him for his musical talents and sex appeal. Now, thanks to his courage and inspiration, I will never again feel that I am a “victim” of diabetes, nor will I ever use it as an excuse.

MICHELLE EDWARDS, Ellicott City, Md.

There is something I would like to tell Brett Michaels. I have a 22-year-old sister who suffered two strokes two years ago while in a diabetic coma. She was dependent on a ventilator for six weeks and now” has a permanent disability. She too thought it was okay to drink beer and party “just a little.” I wish Bret Michaels the best of luck and health. I only wish that my sister, Karen, had had a security guard to help manage her diabetes.

PAM THOMAS, Fairhope, Ala.

Thanks for showing that teenage diabetics can do drugs, gel drunk and break every other rule I was forced to learn when I was in the hospital for five days with diabetes. I’m almost 15 and all I hear at parties is, “Well, Bret Michaels got smashed a lot and he’s still alive. One beer won’t hurt you!” Well, I’m not as healthy as Bret (or as stupid). If you want to write about diabetes, find someone a diabetic can look up to!

LISSA PEHLER, Moorhead, Minn.