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June 21, 1993 12:00 PM

“Hollywood out of the White House!” was the cry of most correspondents responding to our cover story on Barbra Streisand and her conspicuous presence in Bill Clinton’s Washington (People, May 31). Several agreed with the reader who charged that the Clintons are “losing credibility with the common folk” by spending too much time with the stars.

On another subject, readers were overwhelmingly opposed to removing 2½-year-old Jessica DeBoer from the parents who adopted her shortly after her birth and returning her to her biological parents.


Your story only confirms my suspicions about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their love affair with Hollywood and hairdressers is just another indication of the phony populist disguise this Administration wears. The Clintons would be smart to start listening to people who have a grasp on reality and how this country works. Ms. Streisand is an incredibly talented person, but she would be smart to stick to what she does best.

GAYLE EVANS, Charleston, S.C.

When Barbra Streisand reportedly said last year that she would consider moving to England if George Bush were re-elected, there were millions of us hoping she would move even if Bill Clinton were elected. Now liberal Hollywood “politicians” like Streisand are suddenly experts on everything from child care to defense spending. They should be in no more a position to dictate policy than Saddam Hussein.


Thank you for getting your priorities straight. You have finally decided to devote your cover story to the right kind of royalty. I would rather see the Queen of Hollywood on your cover than anything regal England has to offer.



As a woman adopted shortly after birth, it sickens me that the Schmidts are attempting to tear apart the only life Jessica has known. It is time for all people to realize that giving birth to a child does not make you a mother or a father. The parents are those people who love the child, teach the child values and nurture the child, as the DeBoers have done.


Although I am praying for Jessica and the DeBoers, I should probably pray for the Schmidts as well. Some night soon they will be trying to put a hysterical, sobbing little girl to bed. And when she looks right through them when they call her Anna, because she knows her name is Jessica, and screams for Mommy and Daddy, then maybe they’ll realize what they have done. They are taking a happy child and turning her into an orphan.

RUTH SOCHARD PITT, Silver Spring, Md.


As a cosmetologist, I simply can’t believe all this hoopla about Hillary’s haircuts, let alone how much they cost. None of her styles have been anything to write home about. and the latest one is the worst yet. Why is it that these bad haircuts cost so much, when the the First Lady or anyone else could get a far superior one for much, much less? The prices in my salon are the same, no matter who you are. As for the gentleman with the excess of Hillary wigs, he can easily put them to good use by donating them to the Look Good, Feel Better program of the American Cancer Society. There are many women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments who would be very pleased to have one.

EDIE RUTHERFORD, Solana Beach, Calif.


If Scott Peck’s father really believes that homosexuality is genetic, he should examine the situation. He was absent for most of his son’s life. Can’t anyone see that Scott is looking for the masculine recognition, love and approval that his dad could not give him? What does it say to a boy when his lather is not around and makes “no attempt to stay in touch with him” after the divorce? I’ve yet to see one example of a genetic homosexual; Scott Peck is no exception.

DAVID JACOBSEN, Van Nuys, Calif.

Col. Fred Peck has no moral problems with his son’s homosexuality? Maybe I am missing something, but since the Colonel “kept quiet” about his son’s birth for three years for his own personal gain, his moral background is worth nothing.



Please!! I wish these people affected with the June and Ward Cleaver syndrome would get over it already! Regardless of whether or not you like Hillary Clinton, she is an individual with a brilliant mind. I guess if you aren’t the grandmotherly type like Barbara Bush (no disrespect intended) or a complete airhead like Nancy Reagan, with astrologers to do your work, then you are to be feared and disrespected.

KAREN ERICKSON, Riverdale, Ga.

Hilary Clinton has made a strong professional mark and has balanced that with maintaining a loving family life. To say that “she has chosen the traditional route of attaining power through her husband’s status…” is a hollow statement. She has paid her dues.

SHARYN McCAMISH, Torrance, Calif.

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