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While a handful of correspondents were sympathetic to Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia (PEOPLE, Aug. 3) and wrote of (heir own years-long struggles, the majority were less than enthusiastic over our cover choice. As one reader said, he screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhh! Not Diana again!”


Please! Stop! You’ve broken me. I’ll confess to anything you want…Forget the Rosenbergs; I’m the one who sold those atomic secrets to the Russians…Oswald shooting from the Texas School Book Depository? No way! It was me! Oh, what the hell, what’s the use; I was also on the Grassy Knoll…Paul wasn’t the walrus, you guessed it…I cut Jack Lord’s hair during his Hawaii Five-O years…I’m the one who pushed Baby Jessica down that hole…Who introduced Roseanne Barr to Tom Whatzizname? Me! God, I even love the smell of Marla Maples’s shoes in the morning…Yes, you’ve broken me and I’ll confess to anything…Only please, please…no more Princess Di!!

BRUCE HORVATH, Bridgeport, Conn.

The magic number is 150. Does it represent: a) the total points that Michael Jordan can score against Sri Lanka in the Olympics; b) those Americans who really believe that President Bush has a plan to revive the economy; or c) the number of times that Princess Diana has gotten her puss on the cover of PEOPLE during the past three years.

JIM CASA, Mount Holly, N.J.

C’mon, Jim, you exaggerate. Actually, in three years the total has been 19, and since 1980, 57 times, the most for any cover subject.—ED.

So Princess Di is bulimic. I have been bulimic since 1968—long before it was “fashionable.” Twenty-five years ago I weighed 175 lbs. (at 5’9″). Ten years ago I weighed 115 and received praise for my “svelte” look. Today I am 138 and proud of being able to maintain that weight normally. It took years of therapy and a firm belief in God to get there. Now may be the rest of the “civilized” world will realize the unnatural emphasis that is placed on thinness. You never really get over bulimia—you just learn to control it so it won’t control you.

VICKI SURGES, Carson City, Nev.

As a 15-year sufferer of bulimia myself, I empathize completely with the Princess’ dilemma. I, too, come from divorced parents, and like the Princess, I always felt different, untrusting and egoless. That she could rise to the heights she has while suffering so inside is truly a testament to her tenacity. I hope by reading your article, millions of women who are combating this disease will take heart and realize that they are worth something. I also hope that the people who make weight a commodity—like the modeling industry, fashion experts and the entertainment field—will consider what they are doing to the women of this society by constantly making us think that “Thin is In!”

PEGGY JAEGER, Superior, Wis.


Why Maria Maples needed a publicist at all is beyond me—she and Donald Trump seem to have publicity generation down to a science. But Maria maintains that she is devastated by the Chuck Jones shoe-snatching ordeal. For God’s sake, lady, wake up! There are people who don’t own one pair of shoes—not to mention 30 or 200—sitting right outside the Trump Tower.

KATHY GREY, Hayward, Calif.


Excuse me! Excuse me! Did I miss something? Perhaps a page or two? Did your photographer lose a couple of negatives? I rushed home to read of Whitney Houston’s wedding, and there was not a picture of the ceremony or of the bride and groom. I mean, with a $40,000 gown and a lavish to-do, one would think to look for the bride and groom. I realize the cover title read ALL-STAR TURNOUT, and you did show pictures of the stars turning out, but no bride and groom? Really!



Your story on the beached whales was so reminiscent of the attempt to save the whales in Alaska. As long as we have good-hearted, compassionate people, who worked so diligently at saving the whales, I know we as a people will be OK. All I can say to each one of them is God bless you. (I wish I could have been there too!)

CAROLYN RUSH, Orient, Ohio


After reading your article on Jean-Claude Van Damme, I have just one question: What does he need with a wife? He loves himself enough to take the place of 10 wives. If Van Damme continues to exhibit his enormous ego, he will soon become just another forgotten face in the history of Hollywood. On the other hand, with his acting ability, Van Damme may be forgotten sooner than he thinks.