People Staff
August 03, 1992 12:00 PM

Correspondents thought Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer, red of eye and lank of hair, looked like anything but the cat’s meow on our cover (PEOPLE, July 13). Most felt we did a disservice to the star of Batman Returns, whom we not long ago proclaimed one of the 50 Most Beautiful People.


With all the flattering pictures of the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer available, did you have to pick as your cover photo one that looks as if she’s just been pulled off the road for DWI? My first reaction was, “Who is that?” After reading her name on the cover, my second was, “What has she done to herself?” I’m sure she is embarrassed to have such an awful picture on your cover.


Judging from her eyes in your cover photo, Catwoman looks as though she’s been in the catnip.

JOAN M. HURST, Los Angeles

Never before have I seen a major film star portrayed in a national publication with red eyes and the dampened look that Michelle Pfeiffer exhibited on your cover. The stars of yore may have had their problems, but when they faced the public, they were, indeed, glamorous. Oh, for a return to real stars like Dietrich, Hay worth and Hepburn. Thank God we still have Liz!

SHIRLEY YOUNG, Elberton, Ga.

Excuse me, but was the article “The Two Lives of Catwoman” about Michelle Pfeiffer or her boyfriend, Fisher Stevens? I learned more about him than I did about Michelle!

KELLY WISE, Coral Springs, Fla.

Your article on Michelle Pfeiffer spends the majority of its time trying to persuade readers that Fisher Stevens is Michelle’s perfect mate when PEOPLE sounds doubtful itself. If Michelle and Fisher are happy, that’s all that matters. Maybe Fisher has helped her find “the woman behind the cat”!



How very refreshing to see Wynonna Judd coming into the spotlight, yet having those deep roots that carry her through each day without Mom being physically at her side. As a devoted fan, I too miss Naomi’s harmony, but I am so very proud of Wynonna. God bless Wynonna and Naomi as they continue on their separate paths.

PAT EDINGTON, Virginia Beach, Va.

Poor Wynonna! What she needs is a man, not her mama! I know it is tough without her mother, but she needs to grow up and face the music on her own. She has more talent than she realizes. The fans want to see her happy, not mourning her mother’s departure. It seems to me Naomi has manipulated her daughter into thinking that the show can hardly go on without her. I love my mother too, but the most she wants for me is to be able to stand on my own two feel. Sing, Wynonna, and be happy—you deserve it.

KIM TUCKER, Jacksonville, Fla.


Lee Majors still looks like leading-man material to me! What a hunk!



You wonder why strange stuff happens in Aspen? It’s simple—they have loads of money and no class!

JACKIE DAWSON, Mountain Rest, S.C.

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