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Many correspondents, fed up with what (hey regard as unduchesslike behavior, feel that Fergie (PEOPLE, Sept. 7) has outstayed her welcome. In their view, the victims of Hurricane Andrew were better entitled to a place on our cover.


As a resident of South Florida, I, like thousands of others here, have spent the past week in a state of shock and despair. As South Dade has been reduced to rubble and so many people have been forced to concentrate on such things as where will they get food and water, I was infuriated to see that you chose as your cover story Fergie and her “financial adviser” boyfriend. What happened, PEOPLE? In a week when you should have filled your magazine with stories of brave Americans trying to salvage their homes and their lives, and volunteers who have been working around the clock to help those in need, it was truly sad to see that you decided upon a rich royal, with few morals, who lives overseas.

KELLY MEISTER, Plantation, Fla.

Last week the U.S.A. experienced the most devastating storm in its history. That same week, your cover story was a foreign cow from a stupid, inbred family: Fergie. We broke away from England to escape these idiots. Please, give us a break from frumpy Fergie, dim-witted Diana and the other royal-idiot parasites.

GENE LANGE, Hazelwood, Mo.


How can a 50-year-old who owns a 52-acre spread with lakes, a pool, a jet and penguins who live in climate-controlled comfort call himself a simple guy? When he sees 18,000 acres for sale, he wants to own it. Who doesn’t? Grow up, Wayne!

DARLEEN PUSEY, Woodinville, Wash.


What! Arthur Kent fired! Who is next on the NBC hit list? Well, I for one am not waiting around to find out. It’s back to ABC News for me.

PATRICIA CARAMEL, Rancho Mirage, Calif.

What was Arthur Kent before the Scuds? What has he been since the Scuds? He had his 15 minutes of fame. Years from now a reporter named Kent will be remembered. His first name will be Clark.



Thank you for your informative article on Dr. Thomas Starzl. It is high time that PEOPLE gave equal time to those who are saving human lives through the responsible use of animals in medical research. Animal extremists should be ashamed to begrudge an organ recipient a new lease on life.

CINDY PROVINCE, Crystal City, Mo.

Dr. Thomas Starzl, regarding the morality of animal-to-human organ transplants, states, “We have our priorities straight.” Sony, Dr. Starzl, We do not have our priorities straight. The ethical dilemma of these procedures lies not in whether a baboon’s life; is equal to a human life but in the fact that a living creature is being killed while thousands of humans choose to go to their graves with perfectly healthy organs intact. My fear is that continued animal-organ transplants will make us blithely complacent about what our real priorities should be—each individual’s taking responsibility for the welfare of every other human being. Sign an organ-donor card.