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Noted one correspondent: “Your cover story on stars’ plastic surgery (PEOPLE, Jan. 27) proves just one thing…you can’t take anyone at ‘face’ value!” Some readers criticized surgically altered celebrities for displaying their shallowness; others were merely amused.


While “stars” wrestle with such agonizing decisions as whether to undergo liposuction, rhinoplasty or breast-implant surgery, the rest of us must deal with more mundane decisions, such as finding solutions to the recession, poverty, unemployment, crime and homelessness. Why don’t these self-indulgent primps face the fact that aging is a part of life? Vanity, thy name is Hollywood.

DAVID ADAMS, San Jose, Calif.

Is it because all the stars go to the same plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills that their noses look the same?

DIANE PALMER, Chula Vista, Calif.

If Michael Jackson believes the words of his song—”It don’t matter if you’re black or white”—why has he had his nose changed, and why does it appear he has lightened his skin?

STACY RUGANI, Waynesburg, Ohio

Leave the Jacksons alone! I am so tired of people picking out every little detail on Michael and Janet just to sell magazines. You ought to think about the problems of the world instead of wondering who got what nose job.

LEA ANN WHITE, Jersey Shore, Pa.

I noticed that one megastar, who some would say is an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery, was omitted from your article: Barbra Streisand. She is testimony to the fact that true beauty is to be yourself.

LILLIAN HOWERTON, Evansville, Ind.


How lucky for Martha Raye to find someone like Mark Harris! He obviously provides important companionship, friendship and love. Who should even care why Mr. Harris and Miss Raye chose to get married? If they are both happy, that should be all that matters. Even if Mark Harris did many Martha for her money, that should be their business. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

CARRIE KOECHEL, Florence, Ala.

So Miss Raye thinks her daughter, Melodye, is a money grubber? Funny, I wonder if Mark Harris’s mother thinks the same of her son?

RON SANDERSON, Oklahoma City

The double standard is alive and well. I’m willing to bet the people who are cynical enough to suspect ulterior motives of Mark Harris wouldn’t bat an eye if he were 33 years older than she. I found it ironic that in the same issue you reported on Senator Goldwater’s plans to marry a woman 32 years younger and quoted his granddaughter as saying. “If you find someone at that age who turns you on, that’s great.” I agree—for both the goose and the gander.

DEE HAMILL, Red Bluff, Calif.


In your Oct. 7 issue you ran a photo of a man you identified as “Mr. Liz Taylor, Larry Fortensky.” That was not a picture of Larry but of me, Hick Viefhaus. The photo caused me no significant damage, though my wife and I did get razzed for several weeks and people at work are still referring to me as “Larry.”

RICK VIEFHAUS, Colton, Calif.

We regret the error.—ED.