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August 26, 1991 12:00 PM

Readers were inspired by the stories about the Nelson and Cady twins (PEOPLE, August 5). They lauded Ricky Nelson’s sons Matthew and Gunnar, 23, for overcoming family problems, for playing great music and for becoming wholesome role models for today’s teens. And they were moved to tears by the conjoined Cady twins’ final tale of courage.


As a young adult growing up in the ’90s, I feel it is very important to make people aware of positive role models. I personally find it very gratifying to know there is a talented music group that isn’t into the “sex and drugs” aspect of rock and roll. The Nelsons’ powerful message of love and spirituality is important. I hope more people become aware of their talent and their views on life.

KRISTEN D’AMORE, Southington, Conn.

I am 23 and the product of a dysfunctional family. Despite my troubled childhood, I have managed to become an educated, successful professional. I am proud of my refusal to let my earlier problems get in my way. Children of divorce must understand that they are in charge of their own destiny. Matthew and Gunnar can be excellent role models for young people living in troubled homes. They are living proof that there is such a thing as happiness after disaster.


In all my years of reading your magazine, the cover article in the Aug. 5 issue is the most tasteless. If those two pretties with their long golden tresses, earrings and makeup want to be females, why don’t they wear dresses? Grandma Harriet says, “They’re my pride and joy.” Wake up Harriet, they need help.

DOROTHY H. MONTROSE, Spring Valley, Calif.

I did not grow up listening to Rick Nelson, and I am not a “teen screamer” (I am almost 30), but the Nelsons are No. 1 in my book. It is refreshing to see a family whose outlook is so positive in spite of—or because of—everything it has been through. Matthew and Gunnar’s dedication to each other, to their family and especially to the memory of their father is admirable.


It has been said that the wise man does in the beginning what the fool does in the end. The Nelsons’ decision to be drug and alcohol free shows a maturity beyond their years. They are to be praised for learning from their parents’ mistakes.

SUZANNE BRUDER, Germantown, Tenn.


When I read “A Gift of Grace” about the Cady twins, I realized how lucky I am that my three daughters are healthy. But after reading about the twins’ courage before dying, I suddenly realized that the other Cady family members were lucky too. They were truly blessed to share the lives of these beautiful little girls.


Thank you for your recent article about the Cady twins. In a world where most kids grow up wondering if they look right and are cool enough, these girls grew up simply enjoying the things most of us take for granted. Even though Ruthie and Verena shared only one heart between them, their courageous spirit will touch every person’s heart. These girls can teach us all a lesson about how precious life is.

MAGGIE HANSING, Mercer Island, Wash.


In response to the article “A Last Frail Hope” concerning the MIA/POWs of the Vietnam War, I urge every reader to write to his or her government representatives about this issue. It is time for the American people to stand together and demand an honest and accurate accounting of the MIA/POWs. The people of the United States have not forgotten these men and their families. Make your voice heard now!



Your article on Edward Furlong, “Problemo Child,” could not have been better titled. Such aggressive behavior in a 14-year-old is frightening: Edward says he loves “violent movies,” and he chooses to “play” with his apparently terrified cat by tossing it in the air. Edward needs the stability of a balanced life off-camera and a break from the Hollywood limelight before he becomes another child-star statistic.

GRETCHEN A. FORD, Belleville, Mich.


Poor Sonny Bono! It is beyond pitiful that this “totally content” man is still trying to cash in on Cher’s fame by whining about her. Who cares that 28 years ago, a 16-year-old girl took a 27-year-old man to a lesbian bar! To quote Sonny, “I enjoyed the power of Sonny and Cher so much…That took years and years to let go.” Obviously Sonny has not let go. Get over it, Sonny!

BARBARA DUBÉ, Azusa, Calif.

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