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September 16, 1991 12:00 PM

By a narrow margin, correspondents disagreed with our choice of Patrick Swayze as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive (PEOPLE, Aug. 26). But that’s no surprise; readers sufficiently provoked to let us know how they feel have rejected our carefully reasoned arguments every year since 1986, when we chose Mark Harmon to succeed our first Sexiest Man, 1985’s Mel Gibson.


What took you so long? This is a man who shed tears when Barbara Walters asked about his deceased father. This is a man who studied ballet and martial arts. This is a man who jumps willingly from a moving airplane, yet claims his biggest fear in life would be to lose his wife. Whew! You’ve got my vote, Patrick.

KIM BANKS, Antioch, Calif.

Evidently only actors are eligible for your macho achievement award. How narrow-minded. The Sexiest Man of 1991 (or any other year, for that matter) is Arthur Kent.


My patience is exhausted. While Mel, Sean, Mark, Tom, Harry, Patrick and John-John are all sweet, they are obviously second-place finishers. Kevin Costner and the term Sexiest Man Alive are synonymous.


The missus and I were very disappointed with your choice for the sexiest man. By any chance was I first runner-up?

DONALD FUESLER, Longview, Wash.

Sorry, Donald. According to our correspondents, Arthur Kent would qualify for that honor. But keep up the good work and say hello to the missus.—ED.

As twin sisters who agree on almost everything, we both believe Michael Bolton should have been PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. We also think the only thing sexier than Michael Bolton would be twin Michael Boltons.


I agree that Patrick Swayze seems like a very nice guy—faithful to his wife, devoted to his family and underrated as an actor. But he’s not the Sexiest Man Alive. Andy Garcia is.



It is very refreshing to see an up-and-coming star with a kind and caring attitude. I had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Perry while he was filming a movie in Charleston, S.C. He stayed for two months at a small hotel I managed and was a pleasure to be around. He would go out of his way to do things for my stall to let them know that they were appreciated. Good fortune to you, Luke. You have many fans here.

KATE EBERLE, Charleston, S.C.

When we arrived at the Fashion Mall in Plantation, Fla., and my stepdaughter Jamie saw the crowd waiting for Luke Perry, she suggested we forget the whole thing and go eat. We were comfortable in a quieter nearby store, but there was a buzz in the air. The excitement brought back fond memories of Beatlemania. Then Jamie saw Luke through the glass doors and snapped a picture. Thank goodness for Jamie’s smarts and healthy appetite. Seeing Luke was the highlight of her summer.

FRAN FABIAN, Coral Springs, Fla.


I’ve sailed on a few cruise ships. The Oceanos sinking really shook me. Perhaps the owners should offer their next captain’s job to Robin Boltman. He displayed remarkable courage and leadership in a major emergency. I can’t find words derisive enough for the captain and those crew members who abandoned passengers desperately in need of help.

JEAN MOELLER, Hollywood, S.C.


I have been diagnosed with a major hormone imbalance that makes pregnancy extremely risky for me. My chances of delivering a normal baby are less than 10 percent. Because of this, my husband and I have chosen to pursue pregnancy through a surrogate carrier. Many of the media seem determined to focus on the sensationalism of Arlette’s decision to carry her daughter’s children. However, I feel that Arlette and her husband, Dan, are doing what any compassionate parents would do for their child. Think how special the gift of life will be for these twins who have two generations participating in giving them life.

JOAN BARNES, Marietta, Ga.

As an adoptive mother of my 2-year-old girl, Tesha, I read with dismay the story of Mrs. Schweitzer. When will people realize that love for a child can be just as full, rich and wonderful when your child is adopted? I cannot understand why people would entertain the surrogacy option when we live in a society with a foster-care system that is so burdened. I wish this couple all the best. But we as a society need to remember that children are our most valuable resource.

JANICE ELLIS, San Ramon, Calif.

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