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March 11, 1991 12:00 PM

Readers still love Lucy—and Desi—but most say they prefer remembering the couple’s life on TV, in hilarious black and white, rather than in reality’s sometimes too vivid colors (PEOPLE, Feb. 18). On the other hand, correspondents just can’t seem to get enough about NBC News correspondent Arthur Kent. Several asked for his fax number in Saudi Arabia. Sorry, ladies, it’s unlisted.


So Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz didn’t have the perfect marriage: How many of us do? The important thing is that we loved them, they loved each other, and that’s all that really matters.

Christina Evans

Bridgeport, Conn.

Perhaps Lillian Briggs Winograd. “one of Lucy’s closest friends.” said it best. Lucy chose never to write a book about her problems with Desi because “it’s nobody’s business.” I’m sure Lucy would be touched to hear that Winograd and the others are now telling the secrets that Lucy and Desi tried to take with them to the grave. What terrific friends!

Jamie Wolfe

New York City

Is it really necessary to dwell on the negative so much? Leave the past alone, and give the Arnaz children some peace.

Kelly M. Reid

Monticello, Minn.


Only a month and a half into the new year, and you need look no further for the Sexiest Man Alive for 1991. In or out of a gas mask—Arthur Kent!

Charlene D. Deufel

Erie, Pa.

The economy is bad; urban violence is on the rise: we single women often come home after working long hours feeling tired and unappreciated. So what’s so wrong with getting our war news from a man so absolutely gorgeous he makes our knees weak?

Karen DiPietro

Arlington, Mass.

“Scud Stud” and “Desert Fox” absolutely, but behind the good looks stands a man with an incredible talent for reporting. NBC definitely has a winner.

Julie Risner

Jackson, Mich.

Arthur Kent—proof positive that a good-looking, intelligent male does exist. Sorry, Peter, but after 15 years of watching ABC News, I’ve switched to NBC.

Loretta J. LeGarde

Carson City, Nev.

I want to have another outstanding news person stand up and be counted—CNN’s Charles Jaco. He wasn’t even mentioned in your CNN article (PEOPLE, Feb. 4). and I feel he is more of a hunk than Kent. I’m seriously considering starting a fan club.

Bambi Kensinger

Akron, Ohio


I am proud of many things about America, but a President who uses the word chickens—-in reference to a U.S. Senator is not high on the list. President Bush could learn a lesson in real bravery from Senator Wellstone, who continues to stick his neck out for things he cares about—which happen to include the troops, their families and the well-being of this country.

Debora Holmes-Fogarty

Chaska, Minn.

The last thing this country needs is a ranting Senator in a cheap suit who can’t find his wallet. Please spare us from these crybaby opportunistic liberals. I’ll lake George Bush and Dan Quayle over the likes of Wellstone any day.

Tom Swimm

Monarch Beach, Calif.


To devote just one page to an actor, comedian, producer and singer who, by your own admission, “shaped small-screen humor for over four decades” is hardly a tribute. Danny Thomas deserved a lot more. Shame on you.

Lois Ann Ryan

Manchester, Conn.


Thank you printing the engagement story of our star, Sharon Gless, and our founder, producer, cocreator and friend, Barney Rosenzweig. We’ve had many calls of congratulations here at the office. And everyone says, “I didn’t know Barney was 57.” Well, he isn’t. He just turned 53 at the end of December. Barney and I have worked together for over seven years, and we are the same age. Now I have to tell everyone who’s read it in PEOPLE that you’ve made a mistake, because I won’t admit to being 57.

Carole R. Smith

Los Angeles

Reader Smith is correct. Rosenzweig is 53 and so, we assume, is she. Our apologies to both.



In response to Milford Prewitt’s letter regarding your coverage of “Americans Go to War,” the key word is Americans. The men and women lighting and dying in the Persian Gulf are Americans. Period. So, Mr. Prewitt, stop looking beyond all the combat gear to check the color of their skin.

Fay Conover Malcolm

Simi Valley, Calif.

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