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Fans of Reba McEntire were moved by her account of the plane crash that took the lives of her manager and members of her band (PEOPLE, April I). Readers also wrote to express their sympathies to Eric Clapton on the loss of his son, Conor.


As a longtime fan of Reba McEntire’s, I would like to say thank you for the touching story in PEOPLE. One will never know the pain that family members and friends have felt since the plane crash. But Reba has allowed us to understand a little more.

Mia A. Carlson-Danner

Lewiston, Idaho

Reba McEntire has established a fund for the crash victims ‘families. Donations may be sent to: Reba McEntire Band Fund, Music Row Office, Third National Bank, 1025 16th Avenue S., Nashville, Term. 37212.—ED.

We sympathize with Reba McEntire’s loss. It must be devastating to lose so many of your loved ones at one time. We, too, have suffered a great loss in that plane crash. A very vibrant, talented and loving member of our family, Christopher Hollinger, was copilot of that plane. Many people will be forever grieving his death. It is sad that your article did not mention either pilot’s name, since they too were victims of that tragedy.

Maria V. Curtis

Hamilton, Ohio

Also killed in the crash was Don Holmes, the pilot.—ED.

In regard to Reba McEntire’s statement that she may never sing “Sweet Dreams” again: Reba, why not close your future performances with the song as a tribute to your lost friends—appropriately, without a band?

Claudette G. Schrecker

Johnstown, N.Y.


My heart hurls for Eric Clapton and Lori Del Santo, for I lost my only child Nov. 13, 1989, to asthma. Chris was 15 years old. There are no magic words to help. I wish there were. I found help through a support group called the Compassionate Friends. Those people gave me strength when I had none. They allowed me to scream. cry or just sit quietly. We are a group of parents all over the U.S. and England who have lost children. Please know that we care and that our prayers are with you.

Susan Johnson

Kennesaw, Ga.

In my worst nightmare, I couldn’t imagine a child dying a more tragic death than Conor Clapton. My only hope is that his parents know in their hearts that the angels took that little soul long before he was found.

Tracy Fraser

Longwood, Fla.

Eric Clapton has issued the following statement: “I have been deeply touched by the huge response of sympathy following the death of my son, Conor. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has written expressing their condolences and for their generosity to the designated charity on Conor’s behalf. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” The charity to which he refers is International Heart of Variety, Variety Clubs International, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1209, New York, N. Y. 10036.—ED.


I read the article where Burt Reynolds, star of Evening Shade, responded to a high schooler who had written to him. Not only that, but she had the pleasure of a trip to Hollywood. That must have made her year! It’s nice to hear that our Hollywood stars can be real people and do something special for a small-town girl. Now, I wonder how I could get Richard Gere to come to Jamestown?

Marian Genske

Jamestown, N.Y.


If you print any more pictures like the one with “Cops, Killers and Cannibals,” I will cancel my subscription and never again buy your magazine!

Velma Wilson


Did you have to print a close-up of Anthony Hopkins in that mask? Thank goodness I don’t have a heart condition—I would have been history!

Cathi M. Sanchez



I would really like to thank you for saying something about Charlie Sheen. Since you rarely have articles about him, it was a treat seeing him in both Picks & Pans and the Insider. My birthday was also in the week of your issue, so it was almost like a birthday present from you. Say, how about a cover story for Christmas?

Jennifer Rogers

Lynnwood, Wash.

Once again, Ralph Novak, you have failed to recognize the essence of what separates a “film” from a “movie.” Your crass dismissal of my recent film Cadence is yet another example of your juvenile and arrogant attempt at criticism. How you landed that position is beyond me. I imagine once you got past the inaugural [sexual act] to the editor, the rest was downhill. You’re a talentless punk who needs some of the bile you back poured back down your rotted hole. Have a nice life, little man.

Charlie Sheen

Marina Del Rey, Calif.