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Our readers had a few harsh words for this year’s celebrities judged Best & Worst Dressed (PEOPLE, Dec. 11) but rained down real abuse on our judges, particularly k.d. lang and Julie Brown. “You can tell,” wrote one correspondent of the controversial Brown, “that she gets dressed inside her closet without turning on the light.” Meanwhile, on the depilatory front, our readers were equally unhappy with the Krok sisters and their Epilady, calling it an instrument of torture and crying, “Off with its rotary head!”


Your article on 1989’s best and worst dressed was hysterical. I keep rereading it, and each time I laugh out loud. It was a really witty, satirical attire review. Thanks.

Stephanie Pilon

Menasha, Wis.

k.d. lang criticizing other people’s appearance? You’ve gotta be kidding.

John Ryan

Chamblee, Ga.

I know! Let’s ask Julie Brown to don Carol Alt’s dress, raise one arm above her head and see if her breasts match.

Margie Meneley


I think the critics you chose this year were entirely too old. Black leather in teenagers’ eyes is not out! Next year get a few young, fresh outlooks.

Jen Chamberlin

Shippensburg, Pa.

I resent your printing Julie Brown’s snide comments about Malcolm Forbes and Prince Andrew. I am proud of my Scottish heritage and feel great satisfaction when I see men who are not afraid to dress in traditional garb. Julie Brown obviously does not understand true style or class.

Ruth C. May

Waterbury, Conn.


Thanks for your article on the Krok sisters—I’ve been waiting to find the person(s) responsible for this tool of torture ever since I purchased one for myself and my sister last Christmas. To say that “it only hurts a little” is a “krok.” After persevering for more than four months, during which time I kicked my dog, cursed my husband, tried to drown my cat and received numerous life-threatening phone calls from my sister, the only payoff I received was ugly, blotchy, stubble-covered calves. May the Epi-ladies be doomed to an eternity of having bamboo shoots shoved under their fingernails.

Randi M. Heard

Gahanna, Ohio

I bought an Epilady in hopes of reducing the need to shave my legs twice a week. The result has been numerous trips to the dermatologist and $28 bottles of cortisone cream applied morning and night. My skin now resembles tanned cowhide and is overrun with ingrown hairs. Is there an interested lawyer out there?

Rebecca Childs

Roswell, Ga.


As a former newspaper photographer, I was disgusted to read your article on Louie Liotta. Setting up a photograph to “help it along” and passing it off as the real thing is cheating, plain and simple. This guy gives a bad name to all hardworking honest photojournalists.

Kerry Kraus

La Grange, Ill.


The permissiveness that is now so prevalent in America is slowly eroding some aspects of our country’s greatness. How refreshing to know there are still people like Evelyn Smith whose Christianity is so relevant and substantive that she will stand on her religious convictions even in the face of the cohabitation adversity.

Peggy Brady

Grand Blanc, Mich.

Who does Mrs. Smith think she is? If she is allowed to discriminate against unmarried couples, then what is to keep her from discriminating against blacks and Hispanic people? Mrs. Smith said that living together was “rude and tacky and distasteful.” Well, so is divorce, but maybe there would be less divorce if more couples were allowed to live together before they got married.

Christie Lee Webb

San Antonio


Hey, how about that Calvin Bentsen! What a guy! A “reformed” big-game hunter, he did all his killing when there were a few more animals around, thus absolving him of any wrongdoing. Still, you’ve got to love a man who shoots those vicious, man-eating doves and decorates his living room with those lovely severed heads.

Anthony De Vito

New York City


Having read the article about Kimberly Mays, I am appalled. As a mother, I sympathize with the Twigg family for the loss of their beautiful daughter Arlena, but for heaven’s sake leave Kim alone. She has already lost her mother and gone through her father’s divorce. Now she has to face the possibility of getting a whole new family. The Twiggs should deal with their grief another way and let Kim come to them if she requests it, but don’t pull this innocent victim through the judicial system. She is, obviously, much loved by the father she already has.

Laura A. Welty

Westminster, Md.