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Your article on The Big Splits did more for me than all the money in the world (PEOPLE, Aug. 7). Sondra, Clint, Rod, Jane and Johnny are spending years in courts over Malibu beach houses, glorious estates and millions of dollars. My husband and I only have each other and two beautiful children, yet I have more wealth than any of these stars.

Gail McNulty

Rochester, N.Y.

I couldn’t help gagging when reading that Alana Stewart “scrapes by” on $25,000 per month. As a teacher who “scrapes by” on less than $25,000 a year, I feel no sympathy for Mrs. Stewart. This woman needs a serious dose of reality.

Karen Vincent

New Orleans

Life’s rough when you have only $25,000 a month on which to live. Alana, may we suggest, when shopping for eggs at the market, try Grade A instead of Faberge!

Terry McGarrigle

Anne Norkin

New York City


Mary Nguyen’s GI dad shouldn’t feel very proud—he should be ashamed of himself for deserting her 19 years ago. That’s when he lost the right to take pride in her accomplishments.

Celeste Barrett Rubanick

Ocoee, Fla.


I’d like to tell America to forget that disco image—listen to the Bee Gees’ music. It really upsets me when I hear people criticize the Bee Gees when they only think of them as a disco group. Listen to their new album: It’ll change your mind and attitude about them—guaranteed.

Cathy Curzon

Idaho Falls, Idaho


I too am a quadriplegic. Unlike David Rivlin, I am able to go anywhere that is handicapped accessible. I could not imagine not being able to go outside to enjoy a beautiful day. Anyone who cannot understand David wanting to die has never been forced to lie in bed and have a machine breathe for them or have a nurse turn them every three hours so they don’t get bedsores. Hats off to the dozen people who were present for David’s last hours of hell. May he rest in peace.

Denise Parks

Hudson, Mich.


Greg LeMond’s accomplishment in this year’s Tour de France is truly one of the greatest athletic feats of the century. Thank you for bringing this story to the many Americans who might think that the only great sporting heroes are football, baseball or basketball players.

Noe J. Marmolejo



After 14 years of being a “swoony devotee,” there are two things I have always been able to count on. One, a great new Barry Manilow album, and two, a bad review of it in PEOPLE. My, how some things will just never change.

Roxanne L. Kirichkow

Madison, Wis.