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Although Prince William may be the world’s most famous 7-year-old, he seems to be a perfectly well adjusted child (PEOPLE, June 26). Pomp, circumstance and publicity surround his every move, but William now seems to take it in stride and behave accordingly. By giving William as normal a childhood as possible, Prince Charles and Princess Diana have helped him make the unusual transition from Prince of Wails to the future King William V.

Joanna Dreifus

Short Hills, N.J.

What a delightful and unbiased story on Prince William and his lovely family. It is truly refreshing to read something nice about the Royals for a change. This is why I buy PEOPLE—the stories are good, the writing superb and I learn all about everything there is, and then some.

Carrol Daniels

Nacogdoches, Texas


I applaud Jane Fonda’s compassion and concern for Soviet Jewry. Now I think that she should be given an equally “impressive guest list” of American POW/MIAs, and let’s see if she’ll lobby as “doggedly” for their release and repatriation. I think she owes all the Vietnam veterans in this country that much for her morale-boosting efforts with the North Vietnamese.

David Adams

Riverside, Calif.


Never have I read a more touching article than Dr. Joyce Brothers’s memories of her late husband. I cried as she spoke of her loss, and smiled as she remembered the times they shared together. Thank you, Dr. Brothers and PEOPLE, for reminding us how precious our time together truly is.

Cindy Abbott

Nampa, Idaho

Dr. Brothers’s touching story really should make every wife and husband stop and think. There are so many everyday things we take for granted—pet names, secret smiles, waking up together in the morning, just being there for each other. I’ll be thinking of her on July 4th [their anniversary]. I wish her well. Time makes things easier, but you never stop missing someone you’ve loved and lost.

Barbara A. Smith

San Diego


William H. Natcher? Never heard of him. After reading your article, I can see why. The only time I hear about anyone in Washington is when they are campaigning or when they have their names slathered all over the television or newspapers because of “possible wrongdoing.” Mr. Natcher, I applaud you, as do many other Americans, I’m sure. You made it to where you are through hard work, honesty and good old American ingenuity and not because you promised “the right person the right things at the right price.” It is very sad that this country has regressed to the point that an individual who takes pride in adhering to these high moral standards is labeled a “miracle.”

Jocelyn Small

East Kingston, N.H.