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Thank you for the very touching tribute to Gilda Radner (PEOPLE, June 5). No matter what I was doing on Saturday nights, I always found a TV when Saturday Night, Live came on. Every character she played was perfection. I understand Gene Wilder’s loss, and I hope he knows that an entire nation will miss Gilda. She was one of a kind.

Ann Link


I too loved Lucy, but I loved Gilda and all her varied personalities even more. After all, she is the one I saw fret her hour upon the stage in Lunch Hour, and hers is the album whose grooves I wore thin. When all else failed, I had only to pick up Roseanne Roseannadanna’s Hey Get Back to Work Book to make me smile. As she watched and mimicked us, we just as eagerly watched and mimicked her. I can’t imagine life without Gilda, especially since she had so much life to give.

Callie Lou Dalton

Stafford, Va.

My brother and I lived for Saturday Night Live. Every weekend we laughed until we cried, and Gilda was our favorite. I thought those Saturday nights would never end. Unfortunately my brother died at the age of 15, and the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players went their separate ways. I laugh just as hard at the syndicated reruns, and I’m sure that somewhere Gilda and my brother, P.D., are laughing too.

Pamela Gunner

Boulder, Colo.


Although I don’t condone Rob Lowe’s conduct, I’d like to know where Lena Parsons was when her 16-year-old daughter was presenting herself as a consenting adult in a nightclub. If Mr. Lowe is to suffer any financial penalty for his actions, I hope it is to establish a fund for children of promiscuous, unwed teenage mothers.

Greg E. Carson

Joshua, Texas

I hope they throw the book at Rob Lowe. Then maybe it will set an example for the rest of Hollywood’s “finest” who feel they are above the law or blame the pressures of being a star for all the mistakes they make. This girl may not have been innocent before she met the infamous Rob Lowe, but the press has made her out to be as bad as the Happy Hooker.

Peggy Sue Steed

Rialto, Calif.


Cindy Williams is a beautiful, talented, creative, funny woman. Bill Hudson should have used the opportunity of the interview to extol her virtues as an actress, wife and mother. Instead he chose to whine and complain about his ex-wife, Goldie Hawn. Cindy, you have my sympathy. Bill, wise up before you lose this family too.

R. Sloane

Federal Way, Wash.

The interview with Bill Hudson was rather unjust. Do we get to hear a rebuttal from Goldie Hawn? Let’s face it, all ex-wives are bitches. Ask any ex-husband.

April Newby



I’m so tired of men using “mid-life crisis” as an excuse not to live up to their responsibilities. Ed Greer doesn’t deserve his children’s respect or love, and I applaud the boys for taking a stand against him. My father must have experienced “midlife crisis” 24 years ago when he left his wife and 10 children (depleting the bank account first, of course). I wouldn’t want him in my life now even if he sent me all the Nintendo games in the world.

Ann Dwyer Walter

South Lyon, Mich.

I find it hard to believe that Ed Greer’s co-workers had annual parties celebrating the day of his disappearance. Didn’t they realize he had a family? Would the Hughes Aircraft employees feel like partying if it was their spouse or parent who disappeared? If Joan Klapper likes organizing, she should have organized a search party. Those people are inconsiderate to find joy in something that caused others so much pain.

Kelli Gabel

Gloucester, Va.

Wake up, Ed. When you walked and stopped parenting your children, you gave up the right to be a father. And tell your dad to stop putting the strong arm on your sons by refusing to send the monthly dividends. He’s close to losing his right to be a grandparent.

Janet Jones-Parker

Greenwich, Conn.


After reading the disturbing article on Theresa Saldana, I wonder who is really insane. Is it her tormentor, Arthur Jackson, or is it the judicial system that sets a criminal free and then allows him to remain in this country illegally?

Marie DiGirolomo

Stirling, N.J.

Jackson’s release has been delayed. Last week the California State Board of Prison Terms added 270 days to his sentence for striking a guard and breaking windows. Meanwhile the Los Angeles District Attorney flied charges against him for threatening Saldana’s life, and London police are seeking Jackson’s return to England to face murder and robbery charges.—E D.