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After reading your cover story on Sean Young and James Woods (PEOPLE, March 20), I can only hope for one thing: never to be stuck in the same elevator with Sean Young. Yikes!

Iris Dorbian

Fair Lawn, N.J.

After spending four weeks with Sean Young on the set of Dick Tracy, I was shocked by the allegations made against her. She is mellow but not naive. Sean is not afraid to speak her mind, but in an appropriate and supportive way. She’s got character, a good heart and will overcome this. I am suspicious of the motives of Woods and Sarah Owen, and I don’t believe a word of the charges.

Jay Helfert

Venice, Calif.

Whether or not Sean Young did any of the appalling things James Woods has alleged, I have been disturbed by her attitudes and actions for some time. In articles and interviews, she has shown a disquieting lack of dignity and an abundance of mean-spiritedness. She is a fine talent and has great screen presence, but her ego seems to be knocking on the level of Bryant Gumbel’s.

Pamela Talbot

San Angelo, Texas


Like Mike Keys, my brother also took anabolic steroids and his own life. At 15, he started lifting weights. By the age of 17 he was introduced to the magic of steroids. Although they are illegal, steroids are easily available. The price my brother paid for black-market steroids was $90 a shot. Lawmakers recognize the dangers of these drugs, but the law might be better served if enforcement were stronger.

Deborah Davidson

Cincinnati, Ohio

How many times will this scenario repeat itself before we stop treating steroids with casual indifference? Our attitude of acceptance and tolerance has allowed the use of these insidious drugs to grow for almost three decades. Steroids are not the exclusive problem of the professional athlete. They have now permeated our schools even at the junior high school level. Unless state legislation is enacted, Mike Keys will be just another statistic in the growing number of steroid victims.

James Evans



I agree with Bryant Gumbel. Willard Scott is unbearably corny and boring. Does Scott really represent the level of maturity of the average American? I doubt it.

Charman Palmer

Napa, Calif.

Gumbel has a chip on his shoulder, and someone should knock it off. Scott is the best thing since peanut butter. Keep up the good work, Willard.

Valerie Kent

Richmond, Va.

Gumbel is excellent—aggressive, knowledgeable and articulate. Scott, with practice and resolve, could be the same. But if Gumbel were the bald weatherman. I doubt he’d be clever enough to win over the audience by waving his toupee. Willard successfully provides the lighter moments needed to maintain balance.

Tom Griffin

N. Providence, R.I.

Today fans watch the show because Gene will be Gene and Willard will be wonderfully Willard. It’s a shame that Gumbel believes that they all should be like him. If I wanted to watch five people all acting and talking identically, I’d switch the channel. There’s one word for people like Gumbel—snob.

Janet Simmons

Killeen, Texas

Check your shorts. Gumbel, the must be too tight. Scott is intelligent, funny and endearing. A major media star doesn’t need to be taken seriously. He just needs our approval.

Carol Schosek

North Collins, N.Y.

My husband never could figure out why I always refer to Bryant Gumbel as Bryant Grumble. Now he does.

Maureen Mertz

West Springfield, Mass.


In a kinder, gentler nation, an apple a day should continue to keep the doctor away. As a mother of one infant, I am furious after being informed about the use of pesticides on fruit and vegetables. Please let me know where I can obtain more information and send a contribution to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Darlene Ryno

San Ramon, Calif.

The NRDC is located at 1350 New York Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.—ED.

It’s important that people realize that Alar is only one of the many pesticides that should be banned. I say this because my only child is fighting a rare case of cancer. At the time he became ill, we lived in an idyllic farmhouse in the midst of an apple orchard. Even though we removed ourselves from the ranch during the spraying (without Alar), it wasn’t enough. Let’s question all the poisons.

Helen Weber

Healdsburg, Calif.